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New Discussion Forum launched: "What´s your problem?"

We have launched in the ISRM website the first Discussion Forum, called "What's your problem?".

If you have a problem that you think may be solved by other Rock Mechanics practitioners, you are welcome to post your messages in this forum. We hope to increase in this way communication between Rock Mechanics people.

A few examples of appropriate messages are:

"Can anyone provide a copy of this old article or report?"

"Does any one have a piece of surplus lab equipment that they could donate to our institution?"

"Does any one know how to avoid this environmental impact?"

"Is anyone available to give a seminar or short course on this topic?".

This is not a place where you should put your resumes when looking for a job, but rather a place where we expect to have interaction among ISRM members with different experiences in different parts of the world.