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CouFrac2020 goes virtual - check the details

The ISRM Specialized Conference CouFrac 2020, to be held in 11-13 November 2020, in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, has turned into a fully virtual conference with simultaneous offline meetings in Seoul.

CouFrac2020 highlights
- Fully virtual with simultaneous offline conference at Seoul National University.
- Access to all the presentations in parallel sessions through recorded video presentation.
– State-of-the-art virtual conference platform will be used.
- Access to presentation files (contingent on presenters’ consent).
- Better interactions between presenter and audiences & among participants through online Q&A and match making.
- Significantly reduced registration fees (early registration $185/$245/$85 ISRM delegate/Non-ISRM delegate/Students)
- Six keynote lectures on the state-of-the-art in coupled processes.
- A plenary session featuring eight emerging scientists.
- A panel discussion on ‘nuclear waste disposal and coupled processes’.
- Two special sessions on ‘scientific machine learning’, and ‘an international project (DECOVALEX) on nuclear waste disposal.
- Twenty parallel sessions on coupled processes in fractured rock including EGS hydraulic stimulations.
- Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Process Award lecture for young scientists (application is now closed with > 10 applications).
- Best paper and poster awards.
- Students Night on the last day (please bring along your graduate students/collaborators)
- Special issue of the journal ‘Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment' for selected papers.

Important dates:
Sept 1st: Registration Open
Oct 1st: Deadline for early registration & extended abstract (Due to CORONA, this is still open to ALL not limited to the ones who submitted abstracts)

Please see CouFrac 2020's 3rd Circular virtual conference updated a visit the conference website for updated information.

The CouFrac2020 Organising Committe

Download: CouFrac2020_3rd_Circular_virtual_conference_updated.pdf
    •  CouFrac2020 3rd Circular virtual conference updated

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