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François Cornet passed away

We are sad to note the passing of François Cornet, who died suddenly of a heart attack on 23 May 2020.

François Cornet completed his doctoral studies at the University of Minnesota with Professor Charles Fairhurst in the early 1970s. After a long career at IPGP (Paris Institute of Earth Physics), François moved to Strasbourg (EOST School and Observatory for Earth Sciences) in 2007 and became Professor Emeritus of the University of Strasbourg in 2014. He was a Visiting Scientist at Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

François Cornet specialized in measurement and modelling of stress fields, rock-fluid interactions, and development of in situ, geophysical laboratories. He was an international consultant and had recently retired from the University of Strasbourg. His most recent publications are on hydraulics of hot dry rock reservoirs.

He was of the precursors of hydraulic fracturing tests for estimation of the stress field in rock masses, and authored, together with Bezalel Haimson, the ISRM Suggested Methods for rock stress estimation Part 3: hydraulic fracturing (HF) and/or hydraulic testing of pre-existing fractures (HTPF).

The rock mechanics community is thankful to François for his legacy. He will be missed by many colleagues and friends.