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New ISRM Suggested Method area on the website

There is a redesigned Suggested Method (SM) area on the website. SM are now easier to find and download.

ISRM Suggested Methods (SM) are "explanations of recommended procedures to follow in the various aspects of rock characterisation, testing and monitoring" (from the introduction of the ISRM Blue Book) and are written and reviewed by the ISRM Commission on Testing Methods, currently chaired by Prof. Resat Ulusay. All SM have been published in the journal Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering and the International Journal for Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences.

ISRM has compiled two books. The Blue book covers 1974 to 2006 and the Orange Book 2007 to 2014. Both books are available for sale, and ISRM members can download all SM for free.

More recently videos of some SM have been recorded by the ISRM Commissions on Testing Methods and on Education, in cooperation with Prof. Seokwon Jeon from Seoul National University (South Korea) and are also available on the ISRM website.

The web page dedicated to the Suggested Methods has been enhanced to make them easier to find and download, you can visit it in the link.

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