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Workshop on Geomechanics Challenges for Petroleum Engineering Problems, in Goiania, Brazil, 10 September, 2014

The ISRM Commission on Petroleum Geomechanics is organizing a Workshop on Rock Mechanics Challenges from Petroleum Engineering Applications in Goiânia, Brazil in September 10th, 2014. This event is being sponsored by BG Group and will gather leading experts as speakers. The preliminary technical program is as follows: WORKSHOP ON GEOMECHANICS CHALLENGES FOR PETROLEUM ENGINEERING PROBLEMS September 10th, 2014 (9am – 5pm) Goiania Convention Center Preliminary Program Dr Ane Lothe (SINTEF Norway) Pore Fluid Pressure Modelling around Salt Bodies Dr José Gildardo Osório (Pluspetrol) Understanding some geomechanics aspects affecting the fracturing performance of shale reservoirs Dr Shawn Maxwell (ITASCA) What have we learned about fracturing shales after 12 years of micro seismic imaging? Dr Nick Barton (Barton Consultant) Non-linear and shear behavior in carbonates and gas-shales Dr Russ Ewy (Chevron Energy Technology Co) Deformation and Well Damage in and Around Depleting Reservoirs Dr Antonio Luis Serra (Cenpes/Petrobras) Reservoir Geomechanics at Petrobras: R&D Perspectives and Challenges Dr Miltiadis Parotidis (Group Technical Authority – Geomechanics BG Group) Optimising drilling based on drilling experience and modelling. Dr Marcos Freesz (Baker Hughes) Drilling optimization in Offshore Brazil

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