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Videos of the keynote lectures of Eurock 2009 are now online for ISRM members

All eight keynote lectures' videos of the 2009 Eurock held in Cavtat, Croatia are now online at the ISRM site (for members). Lectures titles and speakers are:

  • Some rock mechanics aspects of subaqueous tunnels by Prof. Georgios Anagnostou
  • Innovative tunnelling construction method to cope with squeezing at Saint Martin La Porte Access (Lyon-Base Tunnel) by Giovanni Barla
  • Metro construction at the most unfavourable depth caused a major metro station collapse in Brazil due to a unique sub-surface structure by Nick Barton
  • Rock engineering for structures in unstable slopes by Heinz Brandl - Tunnelling in overstressed rock by Evert Hoek and Paul G. Marinos
  • Stresses in rock masses: a review of key points by John A. Hudson
  • Site characterization and rock testing for the evaluation of design parameters by José Muralha, Luís Lamas and Nuno F. Grossmann
  • Rock engineering in Croatia: history, current status and special problems by Ivan Vrkljan.

Go to videos' page or read the conference report .