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ISRM 2nd technical and cultural field trip in Switzerland


You are still in time to register for the 2nd ISRM Annual Field Trip, which takes place on the two days immediately before the EUROCK 2010 Symposium: Sunday 13 June and Monday 14 June 2010. The Field Trip starts and finishes in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Click here to download the instructions for registration and payment.

Click here to download the ISRM 2nd Field Trip Invitation.

The field trip leader will be Christophe Bonnard of the EPFL, where he is in charge of the group Natural Hazard Assessment of the Soil Mechanics Laboratory and Member of the Board of Directors of the Soil and the Rock Mechanics Laboratories. He is a Lecturer of the Doctoral Program Environment at the EPFL and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva (post-graduate course on Study and Management of Geological Risks).

The 1st day includes visits to a motorway anchored wall, landslide sites, molasse outcrops and cliffs, as well as visits to the Fribourg and Gruyères towns and castles. Dinner and overnight will be in Gruyères. On the 2nd day participants will visit a cheese cave, rock outcrops, an arch dam and a rock fall zone, a quarry and the Chillon castle.