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Academician Prof. Eugeny I. Shemyakin passes away

With great sadness, we inform that Academician Prof. Eugeny I. Shemyakin, a former ISRM Vice-President at Large (1989-1991), passed away in Moscow RUSSIA, on 2009 February 17, at the age of 79.

He graduated and obtained his PhD in Physics and Mathematics (1955) at the Leningrad State University, and then joined the Institute of Chemical Physics, of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in Moscow. In 1960, he moved to the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in Novosibirsk, where he was first Head of the Rock Mechanics Laboratory of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and then Director of the Mining Institute and Vice-President of the Siberian Branch. At the same time, he worked at the Novosibirsk State University (Chair of Elasticity). In 1987, he returned to Moscow, as Chairman of the Supreme State Committee of Attestation (until 1992), Main Consultant for the Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor of the Moscow State University (Chair of Wave and Gas Dynamics).

Prof. Shemyakin and was a Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a Member of the Royal Swedish Society of Engineers (IVA), and a Member of the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences.