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Election of the new Board 2007-2011: Nominations for Regional VP

All nominations for the office of ISRM Regional Vice President for the term of office 2007-2011 were received at the Secretariat. The nominees are:

For Africa:
Daniel Francois Malan, nominated by South Africa

For Asia:
Abdolhadi Ghazvinian, nominated by Iran
Krishan Gopal Sharma, nominated by India
So-Keul Chung, nominated by Korea R.

For Australasia:
Anthony Meyers, nominated by Australia

For Europe:
Nuno Feodor Grossmann, nominated by the UK, Finland and Portugal

For North America:
C. Derek Martin, nominated by Canada

For South America:
Álvaro J. Gonzalez Garcia, nominated by Colombia

The election will take place during the Council meeting of 8 July 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal, immediately before the ISRM International Congress. The Curricula of the nominees can be downloaded here.


Download: CVs_VP_Candidates_2007-11.pdf
    •  Curricula of the Candidates for ISRM Regional Vice President