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5th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium - ARMS 2008

The 2008 ISRM International Symposium
5th ARMS 2008

Tehran, Iran November 2008

The 2008 Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, ARMS5, was held in Tehran, Iran, 24-26 November. This conference was also the 2008 ISRM International Symposium and during the 2 days preceding the Symposium the ISRM Board and Council meetings took place.

The symposium, with the theme "New Horizons in Rock Mechanics - Developments and Applications" was organised by the Iranian Society for Rock Mechanics, under the chairmanship of Dr Abbas Majdi and of honorary chairmanship of Dr Abdolhadi Ghazvinian.

Opening ceremony

Highlights were the keynote lectures presented by J.A. Hudson (The future for rock mechanics and the ISRM), C.I. Lee, Y.J. Park and K.Y. Kim (Prediction of fault zones ahead of tunnel face using 3-D displacement monitoring), N.R. Barton (Important aspects of petroleum reservoir and crustal permeability and strength at several kilometres depth), T. Ramamurthy (Joint factor concept in solving rock engineering problems), X.T. Feng (Recent development and applications of intelligent rock mechanics), F. Hassani, P. Radziszewski and J. Ouellet (Microwave assisted drilling and its influence on rock breakage- A Review), H. Stille and M. Holmberg (Observational method in rock engineering), Z.T. Bieniawski (Reflections on new horizons in rock mechanics design: theory, education and practice), S.A. B. da Fontoura (Geotechnical behavior of sedimentary argillaceous rocks), O. Aydan (New directions of rock mechanics and rock engineering: geomechanics and geoengineering), M.S. Bruno (Slurry fracture injection of petroleum and numerical sanitation wastes), C. Erichsen (Rock Mechanics as a basis for successful Rock Engineering), P.H.S.W. Kulatilake (Recent developments on rock joint roughness, and rock joint and rock mass strength and deformability) and J. Zhao, Y.X. Zhou and G.W. Ma (Rock failure, wave propagation and tunnel stability under dynamic loads).


The 2008 Rocha medal winner, Z.Z. Liang, presented his work entitled "Three-dimensional damage model for heterogeneous rock failure process and numerical tests".

Preceding the Symposium the following two short courses were organised: "Rock fracture geometry network modeling in 3-D to study mechanical and hydraulic behaviour of rock masses" by P.H.S.W. Kulatilake and "Petroleum Geomechanics in the value chain" by M. Dusseault.

Two volumes of proceedings and a CD with all the papers and lectures were published and are available from the Iranian Society for Rock Mechanics.

Particular successful was the technical exhibition, where a large number of Iranian and foreign companies showed their activities to the delegates.

The social programme included a visit to the National Library and a banquet. The Symposium was followed by a 1-day technical visit to the 1,000 MW Siah-Bisheh pumped storage hydroelectric projects, 80 km north of Tehran. A 5-day post-symposium tour visiting the highlights of Iranian history and architecture culminated the event.

Closing ceremony