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3rd Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium - ARMS 2004

The 2004 ISRM International Symposium
3rd ARMS 2004

Kyoto, Japan, November-December 2004

The 2004 ISRM International Symposium: 3rd ARMS (Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium), “Contribution of the Rock Mechanics to the New Century”, chaired by Professor Yuzo Ohnishi at Kyoto University, was successfully held on November 30 – December 2, in Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan. This International Symposium was jointly organized by JGS (Japanese Geotechnical Society), ISRM and ISRM National Group - Japan. About one thousand and three hundred pages of proceedings from this symposium were published. The proceedings contain a collection of seven excellent Keynote lectures, two excellent Special lectures, one Rocha Medal Lecture and 230 technical papers from 26 countries. There were 469 participants including more than two hundred and ten oversea participants from 31 countries and areas.

The organizing committee thought that whether a symposium was a success or not could be judged by if it had fulfilled as some factors. One of the important factors is what kinds of themes and observing keynote lectures we could propose and arrange. This symposium especially proposed and covered the following themes;

  • Visualization in Rock Engineering
  • Risk and Hazard Management in Rock Engineering
  • Energy Development and Environment Preservation

    Fortunately, our three proposed themes were satisfied with excellent keynote lectures. We understood that one of the highlights within this symposium was the introduction of Keynote lectures and Special lectures, which were considered as the heart of the symposium. All seven keynote lectures and two special lectures have spent an enormous amount of time and energy for preparing truly outstanding masterpieces of their works and also for presenting them in such a beautiful and fascinating manner. The efforts of the keynote lectures and the special lectures are distinct contribution to the success of 3rd ARMS.

  • Opening Address

    Absolutely, there were many excellent technical presentations in 3rd ARMS. In 2003, ARMS council meeting established the ARMS Outstanding Paper Award. This symposium was the first time to present the ARMS award. The first ARMS Outstanding Paper Award was conferred to Mr. S. Shirasagi, Kajima Co., Japan, who is the first author of the paper titled “Evaluation system of rock property for tunnels by the seismic reflective survey and the TBM excavation” with co-authors T. Yamamoto, I. Kuronuma, E. Ogura, Y. Mito, K. Aoki. The recipient of this award was given a certificate, a memorial plaque and cash prize of 1,000 USD.

    Apart from the ARMS Outstanding Paper Award, the Organizing Committee also decided to present the 3rd ARMS Excellent Paper Award to the first author of the paper orally presented in this symposium. The recipient of the 3rd ARMS Excellent Paper Award received an award certificate, a memorial plaque and a cash prize of US$1,000, which was donated by Professor Chung-In Lee of Seoul National University. The award was given to Professor Koji Matsuki, Tohoku University, Japan, who was the first author of the paper “Estimation of regional stress for heterogeneous rock mass by FEM” with co-authors T. Kato, N. Kimura, S. Nakama, T. Sato.

    Before opening the symposium, the council meeting, five workshops, one special session and the welcome reception were held on 29 November, 2004. More than two hundred participants closely discussed and exchanged excellent ideas and information.


    Kyoto is an ancient capital of Japan. Many historical sightseeing points can be easily found. We believe all participants enjoyed their staying in Kyoto. In the welcome reception, Kyo-dance (Maiko and Geiko dance) was performed. Before and after performing Kyo-dance, Maiko and Geiko stayed in the banquet room and the participants enjoyed and took photos with them.

    On behalf of JGS, ISRM and ISRM National Group, we, the 2004 ISRM International Symposium: 3rd ARMS organizing committee, would like to extend our sincere appreciations to all the participants and the exhibitors.