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Past Boards

1962 - 1966

Prof. Leopold Mόller, AUSTRIA

Prof. G. Bilkenroth, GERMANY
Dr Laurits Bjerrum, NORWAY
Prof. Eberhard Clar, AUSTRIA
Prof. Don U. Deere, USA
Prof. Charles Fairhurst, USA
Prof. Ernst Gottstein, GERMANY
Dr T. Hagerman, SWEDEN
Prof. Helmut Hoffmann, GERMANY
Dr R. Kvapil, SWEDEN
Dr Harald Lauffer, AUSTRIA
Prof. Hans Leussink, GERMANY
Dr H. J. Martini, GERMANY
Dr G. Oberti, ITALY
Dr Mario Pancini, ITALY
Prof. Edward L. J. Potts, UK
Dr Johann Scheiblauer, GERMANY
Prof. G. Ter Stepanian, ARMENIA
Dr A.Watznauer, GERMANY

1966 – 1970

Prof. Manuel Rocha, PORTUGAL

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr G. Denkhaus, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Dr M. Yoshida, JAPAN
Australasia – Mr L. Endersbee, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Dr Armin von Moos, SWITZERLAND
North America – Prof. W. Judd, USA
South America – Prof. Costa Nunes, BRAZIL

1970 – 1974

Dr L. Obert, USA

Vice Presidents
Africa – Mr A. Chaoui, MOROCCO
Asia – Prof. B. Aisenstein, ISRAEL
Australasia – Prof. J. C. Jaeger, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Prof. B. Kujundzic, YUGOSLAVIA
North America – Dr D. F. Coates, CANADA
South America – Prof. V. de Mello, BRAZIL

1974 – 1979

Prof. P. Habib, FRANCE

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr Z. T. Bieniawski, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Y. Hiramatsu , JAPAN
Australasia – Dr A. J. Hargraves, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Prof. E. Fumagalli, ITALY
North America – Dr J. Handin, USA
South America – Dr M. Kanji, BRAZIL

1979 – 1983

Prof. W. Wittke, GERMANY

Vice Presidents
Africa – Mr A. Chaoui, MOROCCO
Asia – Dr M. Yoshida, JAPAN
Australasia – Mr W. E. Bamford, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Prof. S. Uriel Romero, SPAIN
North America – Dr T. C. Atchison, USA
South America – Prof. O. Moretto, ARGENTINA

1983 – 1987

Prof. E. T. Brown , UK

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr H. Wagner, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Tan Tjong, Kie CHINA
Australasia – Mr W. E. Bamford, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Dr S. A. G. Bjurstrφm, SWEDEN
North America – Mr A. A. Bello, MEXICO
South America – Prof. F. H. Tinoco, VENEZUELA

1987 – 1991

Dr John A. Franklin, CANADA

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr Oskar K. H. Steffen, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. T. Ramamurthy, INDIA
Australasia – Dr Ian W. Johnston, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Dr Marc Panet, FRANCE
North America – Dr James Coulson, USA
South America – Dr Carlos Dinis da Gama, BRAZIL
At Large – Prof. Shun-suke Sakurai, JAPAN
At Large – Academician Eugeny J. Shemyakin, RUSSIA

1991 – 1995

Prof. Charles Fairhurst, USA

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr T. R. (Dick) Stacey, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Koichi Sassa, JAPAN
Australasia – Prof. Michael John Pender, NEW ZEALAND
Europe – Prof. Ove Stephansson, SWEDEN
North America – Dr P. K. Kaiser, CANADA
South America – Dr Oscar A. Vardι, ARGENTINA
At Large – Dr R. Widmann, AUSTRIA

1995 – 1999

Prof. S. Sakurai, JAPAN

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr Nielen van der Merwe, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Dr Ou Chin-Der, CHINA
Australasia – Mr Garry R. Mostyn, AUSTRALIA
Europe –  Prof. Giovanni Barla, ITALY
North America – Prof. Herbert H. Einstein, USA
South America – Prof. Michel L. van Sint Jan F., CHILE
At Large – Prof. John A. Hudson, UK
At large – Prof. Sun Jun, CHINA

1999 – 2003

Prof. Marc Panet, FRANCE

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr Gόner Gόrtunca, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Chung-In Lee, KOREA
Australasia – Prof. Chris M. Haberfield, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Prof. Pekka Sδrkkδ, FINLAND
North America – Mr Alfredo Sanchez Gomez, MEXICO
South America – Prof. Eurνpedes Vargas, BRAZIL
At Large  –  Prof. Wulf Schubert, Austria
At Large – Dr Satoshi Hibino, JAPAN

2003 – 2007

Dr Nielen van der Merwe, SOUTH AFRICA

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr M. J. Pretorius, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Jian Zhao, SINGAPORE
Australasia – Dr John St George, NEW ZEALAND
Europe – Dr. Claus Erichsen, GERMANY
North America – Dr Franηois Heuzι, USA
South America – Dr Eda Freitas de Quadros, BRAZIL
At Large – Prof. Qian Qihu, CHINA
At Large – Prof. Luνs Ribeiro e Sousa, PORTUGAL

2007 – 2011

Prof. John Hudson, UNITED KINGDOM

Vice Presidents
Africa – Dr Franηois Malan, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Prof. Abdolhadi Ghazvinian, IRAN
Australasia – Dr Antkony Meyers, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Dr. Nuno Grossmann, PORTUGAL
North America – Prof. Derek Martin, CANADA
South America – Prof. Αlvaro Gonzalez-Garcia, COLOMBIA
At Large – Dr. Claus Erichsen, GERMANY
At Large – Prof. Xia-Ting Feng, CHINA

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2011 – 2015

Prof. Xia-Ting Feng, CHINA

Vice Presidents
Africa – Mr Jacques Lucas, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia – Dr Yingxin Zhou, SINGAPORE
Australasia – Dr David Beck, AUSTRALIA
Europe – Prof. Frederic Pellet, FRANCE
North America – Dr John Tinucci, USA
South America – Dr Antonio Samaniego, PERU
At Large – Prof. Yuzo Ohnishi, JAPAN
At Large – Dr Manoj Verman, INDIA
At Large – Prof. Ivan Vrkljan, CROATIA

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2015 – 2019

President  Dr Eda Freitas de Quadros, BRAZIL

Vice Presidents
Africa - Mr William Joughin, SOUTH AFRICA
Asia - Prof. Seokwon Jeon, KOREA
Australasia - Mr Stuart Read, NEW ZEALAND 
Europe - Prof. Charlie Chunlin Li, SWEDEN
North America - Dr Doug Stead, CANADA
Latin America - Prof. Sergio A.B. da Fontoura, BRAZIL
At Large - Prof. Norikazu Shimizu, JAPAN
At Large - Dr Petr Konicek, CZECH REPUBLIC
At Large - Prof. Manchao He, CHINA

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