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Vice President at Large

Prof. Dr Ömer Aydan, Japan


Curriculum Vitae

Ömer Aydan obtained his BSc degree in Mining Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, in 1979 and MSc degree in Rock Mechanics and Excavation Engineering from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1982, and his PhD in Rock Mechanics from Nagoya University, Japan, in 1989. 

Prof. Aydan worked at Nagoya University as a research associate (1987-1991), and at the Department of Marine Civil Engineering at Tokai University, first as Assistant Professor (1991-1993), then as Associate Professor (1993-2001), and finally as Professor (2001-2010). Aydan then became Professor of the Institute of Oceanic Research and Development at Tokai University. 

He is currently Professor at the University of Ryukyus, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Nishihara, Okinawa, Japan. Aydan has played an active role in numerous International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM), Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japan Geotechnical Society, Shinozuka Research Institute and Rock Mechanics National Group of Japan committees, and has organized several national and international symposia and conferences. He was the member of the organizing committee of EUROCK2016. He organized 2019 Rock Dynamics Summit in Okinawa, Japan during May 7-11, 2019 as a specialized conference of ISRM. 

Prof. Aydan served as the Chairman of the Rock Dynamics Committee of JSCE for two terms between 2013 and 2018, and also as the chairman of Earthquake Disaster Investigation Committee of JSCE for two terms between 2005 and 2010. He received the 2005 technology award, the 2012 Frontier award and the 2015 Best Paper award of Japan Society of Rock Mechanics (JSRM), the excellent contributions award of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), as well as the 1998 Matsumae Technology award of Tokai University and the 2018 Excellent Research Contribution award of University of the Ryukyus and the 2018 best paper award of Active Fault Society of Japan. 

He has published 5 books as a part of ISRM Book Series by CRC Press. He was also made Honorary Professor in Earth Science by Pamukkale University (Denizli, Turkey) in 2008.