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VIII South American Congress on Rock Mechnics - 2015

VIII South American Congress on Rock Mechanics (SCRM) was held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 15 to 18 November, 2015. The SCRM was an ISRM Regional Symposium for South America. Previous congresses have been held in Colombia (1982, 2006), Brazil (1986, 1998), Venezuela (1990), Chile (1994) and Peru (2010). After having traveled much of the continent, it was the first time that this congress was held in Argentina.
On this occasion, Buenos Aires-2015 merged three important events for the geo-professionals.

In parallel, SAIG, the Argentinean Society of Geotechnical Engineering, organized the 15th Pan American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, the 6th International Symposium on Characteristics of Deformation of Soils and XXII Argentinean Congress of Geotechnical Engineering. The motto of SCRM, Integrating innovations of rock mechanics and rock engineering into the geotechnical world, indicates cooperation links within the geotechnical community. This synergy brought together international experts, researchers, academics, professionals and geo-engineering companies in a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss current and future practices in the areas of soil mechanics, rock mechanics; and its applications in civil, energy, environmental, and mining engineering.

ISRM President, Dr Eda Quadros opened the Inauguration Ceremony and ISRM VP for South America Prof. Sergio Fontoura addressed the state of NG Groups and the new events in the Closing Ceremony.

Prof. M. Dusseault and Dr. Nick Barton were plenary lecturers for the whole audience of the combined event and also offered one day pre-conference courses.

There were meetings of the South American Council and Technical Committee of Soft Rock (see picture).

Social activities included a Gala Dinner at a Tango Club where delegates could enjoy both, music and food.

ISRM President, Dr. Eda Quadros and VP Sérgio Fontoura with NG Representatives at South America Council Meeting.