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SINOROCK 2013 - Rock Characterization, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods - an ISRM Specialized Conference

The 3rd SINOROCK Symposium was organised by the ISRM Commission on Design Methodology (see photo below) and held at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

The Symposium was preceded by a Short Course given by John W. Cosgrove, John A. Hudson and Xia-Ting Feng, plus meetings of the Underground Research Laboratory Commission and the Young Members’ Presidential Group. The focus on each of the following three days of the Symposium was Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Design. The SINOROCK Lecture was given by Ted Brown and the remaining Keynote Lectures given by experts from China, Germany, Peru, Swede, Turkey and the UK. An overview of the current status of the ISRM was presented by Luis Lamas.

The Proceedings volume (915 pages) contains a myriad of papers from China and the rest of the world. The best paper prizes were:
  • Best paper from China: To Xingping Lai for the paper “Large 3-D physical simulation experiments for high and steep slope stability of open pit mines”;
  • Best paper from outside China: To Christophe Vibert for the paper “Design methods for pressure tunnels”;
  • Best Young Person’s paper from China: To Y.D. Zhou for the paper “Numerical identification of roll compression induced disintegration modes of a coal prism within a roller mill”; and
  • Best Young Person’s paper from outside China: to L. Uotinen for the paper “Design of sprayed concrete as hard rock reinforcement using yield line theory”.
Dr Fei Tan had been responsible for dealing with the paper submissions and Dr Xiaoying Zhuang for the running of the Symposium itself.

Participants in the ISRM Design Methodology Commission meetingalso held at SINOROCK2013