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2012 ISRM Regional Symposium - II South American Symposium on Rock Excavations

2nd SASORE Inauguration with representatives of the College of Civil Engineers of Costa Rica, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Luis Llach, ACG President Mr. Marco Tapia, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Mr. Marlon Jimenez and representative ISRM Mr. Alvaro Gonzalez, Past Vice President for South America Region.
Costa Rica was chosen by the International Society of Rock Mechanics to host one of its regional events at the American continent. This event was the 2nd South American Symposium on Rock Excavations (2nd SASORE), which took place in San José, Costa Rica, from August 7th to August 19th, 2012, organized by the Costa Rican Geotechnical Association and the National Group of Costa Rica.

The 2nd SASORE was very helpful for geotechnical engineers, geologists, civil and construction engineers in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, for the latest experiences and technologies related to rock excavations in the region and even in North America and Europe.

The lectures were given by international experts, all with proven experience and a track record of high standard, recognized by the ISRM. The 2nd SASORE had a turnout of approximately 130 professionals who also had the opportunity to learn about new products and services in this sector, thanks to the Expo Rock 2012.

The successful participation of young professionals, senior professionals and experts from the South American region enabled the success of the 2nd SASORE. In the second row stand the Brazilian experts Tarcisio Celestino and Milton Kanji.
European Experts like Dr. Manuel Romana of Spain that shows up in the front row, presented the inaugural lecture of 2nd SASORE.
One of the main speakers in the 2nd SASORE was Dr. Nick Barton, winner of the ISRM Leopold Müller Award 2011.