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2nd Young Scholars Symposium, Beijing 2011

The 2nd ISRM International Young Scholars’ Symposium on Rock Mechanics
October 14-16, 2011, Beijing

Sponsorship of the Symposium
The Symposium was sponsored by the International Society for Rock Mechanics as an ISRM Specialized Conference.

The aim of the Symposium
To provide an ideal platform for idea and information exchange, plus knowledge and experience sharing. To develop and improve any subject requires continuity , the Symposium will thus provide extra stimulus and encouragement to the Young Scholars so that they will tackle our outstanding rock mechanics and rock engineering problems with renewed vigour. Recently, an ISRM Young Members Presidential Group has been formed and it is hoped that all six of the Young Members will be able to attend, giving Young Scholars an opportunity to discuss with them the ways in which Young Scholars interests can be addressed within the ISRM.

Topics of the Symposium
  • Field investigation and observation;
  • Rock constitutive relations and property testing; 
  • Numerical and physical modeling for rock engineering;
  • Information technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced techniques;
  • Underground and surface excavation and reinforcement techniques;
  • Dynamic rock mechanics and blasting; 
  • Predication and prevention of Geo-environmental hazard;
  • Case studies of typical rock engineering.

Proceedings of the Symposium
The proceedings of the Symposium including 193 papers were named “Rock Mechanics: Achievements and Ambitions” and published by Taylor and Francis/Balkema. Professor John. Hudson wrote a preface for the Proceedings.

Opening ceremony
The opening ceremony of the Symposium was held on October 15th morning in

Beijing International Convention Center. Prof. John Hudson, the president of ISRM, Prof. Xiating Feng , the elected president of ISRM and Prof. Peter Caser presented the opening ceremony. Prof. Meifeng Cai, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Symposium made opening speech. Prof. John Hudson representing ISRM and Prof. Xiating Feng representing CSRME, respectively, made welcome speech. About 250 young scholars and experts who were from 17 countries ( Afghanistan, Bapua New Guinea, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Chad, China, Cote DI’voire, East Timer, England, Gango (Republic), Gango (Democratic Republic), Hazakhstan, Mongolia, Portugal, Rwanda, Uganda) attended the Symposium.

3 keynote lectures, 50 oral presentations of the selected papers, a presentation of the winner of the ISRM slide show competition and a panel discussion about ISRM young scholars issues were made in the Symposium.

Three keynote lectures

  • Prof. John A Hudson: Rock Mechanics Research in the Modern World ;
  • Prof. Xiating Feng: Dynamic Design Methods and Applications to Rock Engineering Projects in China;
  • Prof. Jing Lanru: Modeling Coupled Processes of Stress, Flow and Transport in Fractured Crystalline Rocks;

Panel Discussion about ISRM young scholars issues
Prof. John Hudson, Dr. Luis Lamas, Secretary-general of ISRM, and Prof. Meifeng Cai chaired the discussion. Prof. Nuno Grossmann, Vice president of ISRM, presented the discussion.
5 questions for the discussion: 
  1. Are young scholars, do you have any particular problems in finding the rock mechanics information you need for your studies or your engineering work?
  2. Would it be helpful if you had more access to senior people in rock mechanics, either through email, SKYPE, or arranged contact/disscussion dring Symposia?
  3. Do you ever look at the ISRM website ? Have you studied the lectures available on the ISRM website? 
  4. Is there anything that the ISRM can do to help you in your  rock mechanics work?
  5. Are there any other points you would like to raise in connection with your rock mechanics work or the ISRM?



Opening ceremony. From left to right: M. C. He (Speaker), M. F. Cai, D. B. Sun, P. K. Kaiser, J. A. Hudson, X. T. Feng, B. J. Fu, Y. D. Jiang, L. R. Jing, F. Q. Wu
Prof. M. Cai representing the Organization Committee made the opening speechProf. X. T. Feng representing CSRME made a welcome speech
Prof. J. A. Hudson representing ISRM made a welcome speechView of the audience

The cover of the proceedings book