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Vice President for Europe

Frederic Pellet, France

Professor Frederic L. Pellet
INSA-University of Lyon
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
32 Montee des Soldats
69300 Caluire

Tel.: (+33) 478 08 76 05

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Frederic L. Pellet is currently a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at INSA-University of Lyon, France. He received his undergraduate education in civil engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva, Switzerland and pursued graduate studies in Geotechnical Engineering at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France.

In 1993 he obtained his PhD degree in Rock Mechanics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, under the tutelage of the eminent Professor Peter Egger, for research in the area of “Rock Reinforcement”. In 1994, he was awarded a prize from the French Tunnelling Association (AFTES). Later in 1996, he joined the Department of Geotechnical Engineering at Joseph Fourier University as Associate Professor where he collaborated with the Lab 3SR. In 2004, the University of Grenoble awarded him a DSc in Geomechanics for research in “Time dependent behaviour of rock”.

Dr Pellet was invited as a visiting Professor to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT in Cambridge, MA. He spent one year as a research associate at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. He has also worked for several companies in civil engineering and in oil industry.

Dr Pellet is a member of the ISRM through the Comité Français de Mécanique des Roches (CFMR). He is also affiliated with several professional associations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, the International Tunneling Association and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He is a recognized leader in rock mechanics and rock engineering. His research includes the time dependent behaviour of rock, rock damage mechanics, coupled thermo-mechanical processes in rocks, joint behaviour under static and dynamic loadings.

These studies have influenced engineering activities related to rock reinforcement, tunnelling, nuclear waste management and soil-structure interaction. He has published over 70 research papers in referred journals and in conference proceedings. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the French Geotechnical Journal.