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Commission on Rock Dynamics


Prof. Jianchun Li



Chris Braithwaite (UK)
John Browning (Chile)
SangHo Cho (Korea)
Petr Konicek (Czech Republic)
Charlie Chunli Li (Norway)
Larisa Nazarova (Russia)
Koji Uenishi (Japan)
Kaiwen Xia (Canada)
Zongxian Zhang (Finland)
Jian Zhao (Australia)
Yingxin Zhou (Singapore)
Jianbo Zhu (China)

Resat Ulusay (ex officio), ISRM President
Laura Pyrak-Nolte (ex officio), ISRM VP for North America 

Terms of Reference

 Purpose of the Commission

  • To provide a forum for the sharing and exchange of knowledge in rock dynamics research and engineering applications;
  • To coordinate rock dynamic research activities within the ISRM community as well as with other research and professional organisations;
  • To produce reports and guidelines on the study and engineering applications of rock dynamics covering fundamental theories, dynamic properties of rock and rock mass, testing methods, tunnel response, and support design.

Product of the Commission

  • The 4th and 5th International Conferences on Rock Dynamics and Applications (Melbourne 2020, TBD 2022);
  • Two Proceedings Books on Rock Dynamics and Applications (of the above International Conferences);
  • Three Rock Dynamic Workshops on rock dynamic (i) testing methods, (ii) numerical techniques and (iii) design guide;
  • ISRM Suggested Method on Laboratory Determination of Stress Wave Propagation across Rock Fractures;
  • Design Guide on Rock Supports for Tunnels and Caverns Subjected to Blast Loading;
  • One Special Issue in an international journal on rock dynamics and engineering;
  • One ISRM On-Line Course (video) on Rock Dynamics Fundamentals.