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ISRM Privacy Policy

This statement of Privacy Policy was approved by the Board and applies to the services provided to you by the ISRM.

To provide services to you, the ISRM may collect certain information such as your address, telephone and fax numbers, electronic mail address, professional affiliation and billing information. The ISRM collects this information only by voluntary disclosure, either directly from you or, in the case of ISRM members, from your National Group. This information is requested in membership forms, purchase forms, or for registration as a member on the ISRM website.

Personal information is collected and used to provide you with:

  • membership services, such as the ISRM News Journal, the electronic Newsletter, access to the members’ area on the ISRM website and access to our Virtual Library;
  • materials that you purchase from the ISRM.

The ISRM will only use your personal data for these purposes and they will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation that is not involved in providing you with these services.

If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, please contact the ISRM secretariat at