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Commission on Testing Methods


Prof. Dr Resat Ulusay



Hasan Gercek (Turkey)
Eda F. de Quadros(Brazil)
Seokwon Jeon (Korea)
Frederic Pellet (France)
Xia Ting Feng (China)
Ömer Aydan (Japan)
Suseno Kramadibrata (Indonesia)
José Muralha (Portugal)
Francisco Javier Macias (Spain)
Charlie Chunlin Li (Norway)
Abbas Taheri (Australia)
Louis N.Y. Wong (Hong Kong)
Sevda Dehkhoda (Australia)
Lars Jacobsson (Sweden)
Laura Pyrak-Nolte (USA)
Risto Kiuru (Finland)
Jorge Delgado Martin (Spain)

Leandro Alejano (ex-officio), ISRM VP for Europe

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Commission
  • To generate and publish Suggested Methods for testing  or measuring properties of rocks and rock masses, as well as for monitoring performance of rock engineering structures;
  • to revise or update the existing Suggested Methods based on recent developments and publish them in book form;
  • to solicit and invite researches to develop new methods, procedures or equipment for tests, measurements and monitoring required for rock mechanics laboratory or field studies, and
  • to encourage collaboration of those who practice in rock mechanics testing.

Products of the Commission

  • ISRM Suggested Methods
  • ISRM Suggested Methods books
  • ISRM Suggested Methods videos

Suggested Methods Videos

Based on the cooperation between Prof. Seokwon Jeon from Seoul National University (South Korea) and the ISRM Commissions on Testing Methods and on Education, video films on the ISRM Suggested Methods, which are made for educational purposes, will be embedded on the website of the Commission on Testing Methods.

The first video film is on the determination of "Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Deformability of Rock Materials". New video films on other Suggested Methods will also appear on the website in near future.

Click to open the Suggested Methods Videos page.

Orange Book

The Orange Book "The ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring: 2007-2014" can be purchased directly from the editor. Click here to go to the Orange Book webpage. At the bottom of this page a link allows ISRM members to download the ebook.

Blue Book

The Blue Book: "The Complete ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring:1974-2006", Edited by R. Ulusay and J.A. Hudson. Price for ISRM members: [EUR 25 + postage]. Price for non-members: [EUR 30 + postage]. The Blue Book can be purchased from the Secretariat or from the Turkish National GroupClick here to go to the Blue Book webpage.


Information for download

The following documents concerning the Suggested Methods produced by the Commission can be downloaded by clicking here:

  • What are the ISRM Suggested Methods?
  • What is the purpose of ISRM SMs?
  • How the ISRM Suggested Methods should be referenced
  • Guideline for developing ISRM Suggested Methods
  • Procedure for the application, development and evaluation of ISRM Suggested Methods
  • List and photos of the Commission members

New ISRM Suggested Methods approved by the ISRM and under review/preparation:

  • SM for In Situ Microseismicity Monitoring of Fracturing Process in Rock Masses (Approved)
  • SM for Determining Thermal Properties of Rock Samples
  • SM for Laboratory Acoustic Emission Monitoring
  • SM for the Lugeon Test
  • SM for Uniaxial-Strain Compressibility Testing for Reservoir Geomechanics
  • SM for the Complete Stress-Strain Curves of Rocks in True Triaxial Compression
  • SM for 3-D Laser Scanning Technique and Its Application to Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
  • SM for Dynamic Shear Testing of Rock Discontinuities and Interfaces