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Commission on Education


Prof. Meifeng Cai
College of Resources Engineering
University of Science & Technology Beijing
30 Xue Yuan Road
Haidian District, Beijing 100083

Tel: (+86) 10 2019944
Fax: (+86) 10 2017283


Cai Meifeng (China)
Claus Erichsen (Germany)
Nuno F. Grossmann (Portugal)
Jean-Claude Roegiers (USA) 
Ugur Ozbay (USA)

John P. Harrison (Canada)
Gareth Swift (United Kingdom)
Vladimir V. Makarov (Russia)
Lineu A. Ayres da Silva (Brazil)
Jean Sulem (France)
Hani S. Mitri (Canada)
Tsuyoshi Ishida (Japan)
Sung-Oong Choi (Korea)
K.G. Sharma (India)
François Malan (South Africa)
Paul Hagan (Australia)
Lanru Jing (Sweden)
Quentin Z.Q. Yue (China)
Jin'an Wang (China)

Shucai LI (China)

Tatiana Rotonda (Italy) 

Eda Freitas de Quadros (ex officio), ISRM President
Seokwon Jeon (ex officio) ISRM VP Asia


Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Commission

To promote and enhance worldwide progress for education of rock mechanics; To organize worldwide cooperation and exchange activities in the international community of rock mechanics education.

Product of the Commission

To organize ISRM young scholars (postgraduates) symposium on rock mechanics; To organize 1-2 ISRM lecture tours in Asia on South America: To organize editing some ISRM recommended teaching materials( text book) on rock mechanics.

Educational Rock Mechanics Resources

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Courses

The ISRM has a collection of courses in the field of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, both in powerpoint and video format. ISRM members are allowed to use the lectures of the courses for their personal use. Since access to the lessons is a member previlege, login is necessary.

Click to open the Courses page.


Suggested Methods Videos

Based on the cooperation between Prof. Seokwon Jeon from Seoul National University (South Korea) and the ISRM Commissions on Testing Methods and on Education, video films on the ISRM Suggested Methods, which are made for educational purposes, will be embedded on the website of the Commission on Testing Methods.

The first video film is on the determination of "Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Deformability of Rock Materials". New video films on other Suggested Methods will also appear on the website in near future.

 Click to open the Suggested Methods Videos page.


Collection of Abstract of Ph.D Thesis

Click to download the list (PDF format)