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Commission on Sorptive Rocks


Dr. Shimin Liu

Dr. Yixin Zhao


Derek Elsworth (USA)
Cevat Özgen Karacan (USA)
Andreas Busch (UK)
Guangqing Zhang (China)
Shouding Li (China)
Christopher Clarkson (Canada)
Gang Wang (China)
Marcin Lutyński (Poland)
Wanjie Wang (China)
Zhongwei Chen (Australia)

Resat Ulusay (ex officio), ISRM President
Laura Pyrak-Nolte (ex-officio), ISRM VP for North America

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Commission

The commission’s interest includes both mining and petroleum fields to address the unique rock engineering challenges posed by sorptive rocks. We will address the long-term ground control challenge in underground mining by considering time-dependent fluid-rock interactions and we will focus on fluid production enhancement and carbon sequestration through modelling of sorption behaviour of sorptive reservoir rocks. The commission will focus on the mechanical and transport behaviours of sorptive rocks, such as shale, coal and other mudstones, and their implications on their corresponding rock engineering designs. The purpose of the commission will include the following:

  • to provide a forum for review, evaluation, and discussion of rock mechanics issues associated with sorptive rocks, including fluid-rock sorption, fluid transport processes, rock fracturing, rock swelling, fluid- rock interactions;
  • to provide a forum to share and exchange best practices for sorptive rock related engineering designs, including shale gas development, coalbed methane development, CO2 sequestration in subsurface formations, ground control design for mining and rock tunnels;
  • to facilitate the multidisciplinary and cross-industry collaborations within the international rock mechanics communities;
  • to organize periodic technical workshop/symposia (ISRM sponsored conferences).

Products of the Commission

  • Organizing two conferences on poromechanics of sorptive rocks (2021, 2023)
  • A special issue in top international journals after the conference
  • A book entitled "Characterization of Sorptive Rocks” to introduce the latest characterization techniques in sorptive rocks
  • 1-2 videos to introduce the sorptive rock unique behaviours