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Young Engineers Prize

In October 2020, the ISRM Board decided to institute the ISRM Young Rock Engineer Award, to acknowledge excellence in the field of rock engineering by ISRM members who are in early stages of their career.
The ISRM Young Rock Engineer Award is conferred in recognition of one or more of the following achievements in rock engineering practice:
  • novelty of the nominee’s contribution to solve engineering problems and/or develop original design solutions;
  • pioneering in the use of materials and/or methods;
  • contribution to sustainable engineering practices;
  • contribution to and promotion of the engineering profession.
The award shall be conferred by the ISRM President, on an annual basis, to a nominee meeting the following requirements at the time of submission of the application:
  • be an ISRM individual member;
  • have a maximum age of 40 years;
  • have worked in rock engineering within the relevant industry for a period of about five to ten years.
Nominations for the award shall be by the nominee's National Group, or by some other person or organization acquainted with the nominee's work. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Recipients of the Award

The first Young Rock Engineer Award will be given in 2021.