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The Best Performing National Group Award

The ISRM Best Performing National Group Award

The ISRM Board decided, in December 2014, to institute the ISRM Best Performing National Group Award, to be conferred on an ISRM National Group in recognition of its outstanding performance and to reward a young and small National Group who is active and growing.

The award shall be conferred by the ISRM President to up to two National Groups, on a two-yearly basis, at the quadrennial Congress of the ISRM, and at the mid-term International Symposium.

Decision on the conferring of the award is taken by the ISRM Board. Winners will receive a certificate of commendation signed by the ISRM President.

ISRM National Groups who have won the award:

  • 2015: NG China and NG Singapore
  • 2017: NG China and NG Japan
  • 2019: NG China and NG Korea