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Vice President at Large

Manchao He, China

Prof. Manchao He
State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering
China University of Mining and Technology

Tel: (86) 010 62331091

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Manchao He is currently a Professor at China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing (CUMTB) and the Director of State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering. He received his Bachelor and Master Degree in engineering geology from Changchun College of Geology in 1981 and 1985 respectively, and, in 1989, obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from CUMTB.

In 2001, he received a National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (NPPST) from the Chinese Government for the project on “Soft Rock Engineering Mechanics Theory and Practice”, and later in 2003, another NPPST project on “Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy Development and its Utilization”. In 2006, he was awarded by NPPST on “Huangtupo Huge Landslide Stability Analysis in Three Gorges Region”, and, in 2010, awarded by a National Prize for Inventions of China, through the project “HEMS Cooling Equipment and Technology in Deep Mines”. Finally, in 2014, he won a Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress from Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

Dr. Manchao He was elected as the Vice President of the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME) in 2007, and President of CSRME Sub-Society for Soft Rock Engineering and Deep Disaster Control in 2009. Later he became the President of ISRM Chinese National Group in 2013, and Vice Chairman of the ISRM Commission on Soft Rocks in 2014. He is also affiliated in several professional associations such as the China National Coal Association Commission on Support, Research Center of Soft Rock Roadways in Coal Mines, and is a recognized as the leader of the Chinese Union for Mining Innovation. He mainly engaged in Rock Mechanics and Engineering, including mining technologies and support, rockburst mechanism, landslide monitoring and control, etc.

In 2013, Dr. Manchao He was elected Academician in Chinese Academy of Science and obtained an Honorary Doctorate from University of Mons in Belgium. In 2015, he became Vice President at Large and Chairman of ISRM Education Fund Committee. He has published more than 4 books and over 190 papers in referred journals and in conference proceedings. He also serves on the Editorial Board of several Journals.