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Commission on Evolution of Eurocode 7


Prof. John P. Harrison
United Kingdom



Resat Ulusay (ex officio), ISRM President
Leandro Alejano (ex officio), ISRM VP for Europe

Terms of reference

Purpose of the Commission

  • To liaise with and assist the appropriate technical sub-committee of CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation / European Committee for Standardisation) in the evolution of Eurocode 7, such that the code becomes a comprehensively applicable document to rock engineering design and construction;
  • To develop guidelines for the use of Eurocode 7 in rock engineering design and construction.

Product of the Commission

 The tangible products of the Commission will be many and varied, and will comprise

  • As part of its liaison with CEN/TC250/SC7, reports on specific aspects of the evolution of EC7 with regard to rock engineering design;
  • Workshops on the application and applicability of EC7 to rock engineering design;
  • Reports to the ISRM membership on the use and evolution of EC7 with regard to rock engineering design.
Of perhaps greatest importance, a key product of the Commission will be the direct involvement of the ISRM in the future evolution of EC7.