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ISRM Online Lectures

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September 2019Seismicity-Permeability Coupling in the Breaching and Sealing of Reservoirs and CaprocksProf. Derek Elsworth26 - Vieira de Lemos
June 2019Discrete element modelling of dam foundationsDr. Vieira de Lemos26 - Vieira de Lemos
March 2019Stress-induced fracturing (Spalling) around underground excavations: Laboratory and In-situ ObservationsProf. Derek Martin25 - Derek Martin
December 2018Computing Foundations with Hoek and Brown Failure CriteriaProfessor Claudio Olalla23 -MD
September 2018Subsurface Geomechanics Challenges in Naturally Fractured Rock MassesProfessor Maurice DusseaultClaudio Olalla photo
June 2018Rock grouting-theories in practical applicationProfessor Håkan Stille22 - HK
March 2018Geophysical Characterization of FracturesProfessor Laura Pyrak-Nolte20 - Kanji
December 2017Dam Foundations affected by Geological AspectsProfessor Milton Kanji20 - Kanji
September 2017Rockbursts at deep tunnelsProfessor Xia-Ting Feng19 - XTF
July 2017The deformations in the vicinity of the face of a deep tunnelProfessor Marc Panet18 - Marc Panet
April 2017Why Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering?Professor Charles Fairhurst17 - Charles Fairhurst
December 2016Challenges in the Understanding of TBM Excavation in Squeezing ConditionsProfessor Giovanni Barla16 - giovanni Barla
October 2016Predicting the probability of failure into the futureProfessor Nielen van der Merwe15 - Nielen van der Merwe
July 2016Design based on the Anisotropic Jointed Rock Model (AJRM) – Fundamentals and Case HistoriesProfessor Walter Wittke14 - Walter Wittke
March 2016Challenges in rock mass strength determination for the design of underground excavationsProfessor Peter Kaiser13 - Peter Kaiser
November 2015Rock Stress and Stress Fields Professor Ove Stephansson12 - Stephansson
September 2015 TBM Performance: from Best to Not so Good and WhyDoctor Nick Barton11 - Barton
July 2015Multiphysics Couplings and Stability of Fault ZonesProfessor Jean Sulem10 - Sulem
April 2015Risk in Rock Engineering Design and PracticeEmeritus Professor Dick Stacey9 - Stacey
December 2014Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring: Highlighting the ISRM Suggested MethodsProfessor Resat Ulusay8 - Ulusay
November 2014 Measurement and Back Analysis in Rock Engineering Emeritus Professor Shunsuke Sakurai7 - Sakurai
July 2014Puzzles in Rock - Have they been solved?Professor Herbert Einstein6 - Einstein
April 2014 Implementing a Reliable Slope DesignDoctor John Read5 - Read
December 2013Catastophic Landslides. The legacy of VaionProfessor Eduardo Alonso4 - Alonso
September 2013 Rock Mechanics Lessons from DamsProfessor Pierre Dufaut3 - Duffaut
May 2013Solving the Unsolved Problems in Rock Mechanics and Rock EngineeringEmeritus Professor John Hudson2 - Hudson
Febuary 201350 years NATM - from a Construction Method to a SystemProfessor Wulf Schubert1 - Schubert