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Commission on Underground Nuclear Power Plant


Prof. Shunsuke Sakurai
Professor Emeritus
Kobe University and Hiroshima Institute of Technology



Didier De Bruyn (Belgium)
Nick Barton (Norway)
Pierre Duffaut (France)
Charles Fairhurst (USA)
Xia-Ting Feng (China)
Jay Kunze (USA)
C.F. Lee (Hong Kong, China)
James Mahar (USA)
Derek Martin (Canada)
Shunsuke Sakurai (Japan)
Raymond Sterling (USA)
Joseph Wang (USA)
Jian Zhao (Australia)
W. Carl Myers
Nicolai Melnikov (Russia)
Anatoliy Kozyrev (Russia)
Matthew Pierce (USA)
Philippe Vaskou (France)
Norikazu Shimizu (Japan)
Jae-Joon Song (Korea)
Varun (USA)
Zhiguo Zhang (China)
Yingxin Zhou (Singapore)
Eda Freitasde Quadros (ex officio), ISRM President
Seokwon Jeon (ex officio), ISRM VP Asia

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Commission

In the Commission on UNPP during past three years; 2012 – 2015, we have collected technical information regarding underground nuclear power plants as much as possible from the publications in various sources. On the basis of the collected information, we have prepared a commission report consisting of 15 chapters. The report covers various issues for the construction of UNPP, but before publicizing it, we need further discussions not only on each chapter to improve its quality, but also on other issues such as costs and benefits, etc. Therefore, the commission should be extended to the next ISRM Presidential period.
Considering the knowledge accumulated through the discussions, we will develop a guideline for the design and construction methodology of UNPP.

Products of the Commission

  • Workshop will be organized for discussing and exchanging opinion/ information among not only commission members, but also specialists in relevant fields;
  • The final Commission report will be published;
  • A guideline for the design and construction methodology of UNPP will be published in technical journals.