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Commission on Discontinuous Deformation Analysis - DDA


Prof. Yossef Hatzor

Prof. Guowei Ma


Guangqi Chen (Japan)
Anna Maria Ferrero (Italy)
Yuyong Jiao (China)
Lanru Jing (Sweden)
Yang Ju (China)
Tomofumi Koyama (Japan)
Cheng-Yu Ku (Chinese Taipei)
Jeen-Shang Lin (USA)
Mary MacLaughlin (USA)
Xiaochu Peng (China)
Takeshi Sasaki (Japan)
Nicholas Sitar (USA)
Jae-Joon Song (Korea)
John Tinucci (USA)
Yuan Wang (China)
Chung-Yue Wang (Chinese Taipei)
Aiqing Wu (China)
Jian-Hong Wu, (Chinese Taipei)
Man-chu Ronald Yeung (USA)
Hong Zheng (China)
Gaofeng Zhao (Australia)
Zhiye Zhao (Singapore)
Xiaoying Zhuang (China)
Eda Freitas de Quadros (ex officio), ISRM President
Seokwon Jeon (ex officio), ISRM Vice-President for Asia

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Commission

  • to continuously promote block theory, Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) method and Numerical Manifold Method (NMM) research for diverse rock mechanics and engineering applications;
  • to consistently provide a forum for exchanging ideas and research outputs on DDA;
  • to effectively organize ICADD conferences, workshops and training courses;
  • to develop more systematic learning materials on DDA;
  • to stimulate research interests and attract young generations to further develop DDA;
  • to enhance international collaborations on DDA;
  • to publish text book/s, educational software  on the theory and application of Block Theory, DDA, and NMM;
  • to conduct more industry applications of DDA theory with a joint work force.


Products of the Commission

  • DDA training courses at ISRM NG’s academic and research institutions around the world to be instructed by Commission members. DDA Commission members will propose the prospective hosting institutions and will create the contact with them directly. We continue to conduct 1 – 2 such courses per year in the second term of the commission. Course participants will be exposed to the theory and application of discontinuous analysis in the context of rock engineering;
  • Uploading “student versions” of basic DDA packages on ISRM website including: Block Theory, DDA, and NMM. Basic versions of those computer programs will be downloadable for individual ISRM members along with a manual with some worked examples and benchmark tests;

  • Arranging and coordinating the ICADD series of international workshops;

  • Publishing a “state of the art” report on Discontinuous Deformation Analysis, updated for the date of submission to ISRM, expected to be by the end of the first term of the commission: May 2015. The report will be made available to ISRM members through ISRM website and may also be submitted for publication as a review article in the Int. J. of Rock Mech. and Mining Sci. or in Rock Mech. & Rock Eng.