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Commission on Crustal Stress and Earthquakes


Prof. Furen Xie
Institute of Crustal Dynamics
China Earthquake Administration
P.R. China

Tel: 0086-(0)10-62842654/62949477



Jiayong Tian (China) - Secretary  General of the Commission
John A. Hudson (United Kingdom)
Xia-Ting Feng (China)
B. Haimson (USA) 
F.H.Cornet (France)
O. Stephansson (Germany)
M.D.Zoback (USA)
T. Ito (Japan)
Yaolin Shi (China)
Kelin  Wang (Canada)
Hong  Li (China)
Hongpu  Kang (China)
Qiliang  Guo (China)
Qunce Chen (China)
Eda Freitas de Quadros (ex officio), ISRM President
Seokwon Jeon (ex officio), ISRM Vice President for Asia

Terms of reference

Purpose of the Commission

  • To develop and improve the methods and techniques of dynamic borhole-based stress-strain observatory;
  • To promote experimental studies on deep-borehole stress measurement;
  • To advance the research collaboration associating the crustal stress with seismicity, seismogenesis, rock  failure process.

Product of the Commission

  • Summarize the present researches of dynamic borehole-based stress-strain observatory and recommend the related observation techniques by a report of technical specifications;
  • Investigate the measurement of in-situ crustal stress for deep-borehole and the dynamic borehole-based stress-strain observatory and provide an evaluation report;
  • Advance the investigation of relationship between crustal stress and earthquake based on stress observation to give an evaluation report;
  • Organize a workshop named as the “Crustal Stress and Earthquake” during the congress of ISRM and 1-2 academic seminars during four years.