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ISRM Reports

Free download of all the ISRM Reports is available to ISRM members registered on the website, for their personal use. Please click here to proceed to the download page.

Non-members of the ISRM can purchase the Reports directly from the Secretariat using this Purchase Form.



ISRM Basic Geotechnical Description of Rock Masses - 1980 [EUR 4]

ISRM Characterization of Swelling Rock - 1983 [EUR 4]

ISRM Comments and Recommendations on Design and Analysis Procedures for Structures in Argillaceous Swelling Rock - 1994 [EUR 4]

ISRM Commission on Rock Grouting (pp. 1-22) - 1996 [EUR 8]
ISRM Commission on Rock Grouting (pp. 23-45) - 1996

ISRM Recommendations on Site Investigation Techniques - 1975 [EUR 4]

ISRM Report on ISRM Fields of Activities - 1986 [EUR 4]

ISRM Report on Teaching of Rock Mechanics - 1981 [EUR 4]

ISRM Suggested Improvement on Schmidt Rebound Hardness ISRM Suggested Method - 1993 [EUR 4]

ISRM Supporting Paper on Determination of In Situ Deformation Modulus - 1997 [EUR 4]

ISRM Terminology (pp. 1-43) - 1975 [EUR 4]
ISRM Terminology (pp. 44-83) - 1975

ISRM List of Symbols - 1970 [EUR 4]



Complete Collection 1992-2008 CD [EUR 10]