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28th Febuary 2014

Dear Member

The ISRM Digital Library, with the papers from ISRM meetings and congresses, is hosted by OnePetro and run by the Society of Petroleum Engineers .

ISRM individual members are allowed to download up to 100 papers from ISRM congresses and meetings , per year, while corporate members are allowed 250 yearly downloads.

OnePetro has recently upgraded their site and unfortunately the way you used to log in  was deactivated. The usernames and passwords you used for OnePetro no longer work.

The ISRM Secretariat and OnePetro have been working in a new way to give access to ISRM members, which is now implemented:
  • Every ISRM member was given a token, which is a unique numerical string.
  • You can obtain your token by logging in at the ISRM website and then clicking on "My Account", on the left of the screen. The token is near the bottom of the screen.
  • Then go to the  OnePetro site , click on “Register to purchase instant access” and follow the instructions. The OnePetro site username and password are different from those you use at the ISRM site.
  • After loging in with your new OnePetro credentials, go to "My Account", then to "Society Memberships" and click on “Add membership details”.
  • Under “Add ISRM membership” click on “Redeem your ISRM access token here”.
  • Insert your token in order to activate it and follow the instructions on the page. Shortly after you will be able to download the ISRM papers for free.
Please feel free to send our Webmaster an email if you run into any trouble.

Best regards

Luís Lamas
ISRM Secretary-General

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