Eurock 2020 canceled

Dear ISRM members and Rock Mechanics colleagues,

The ISRM regrets to announce that the 2020 ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK2020 was cancelled. This was a difficult decision taken by the EUROCK2020 Organizing Committee in constant dialogue with the ISRM. In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic and of the strong restrictions to travelling, this became an inevitable and also a wise decision. Their cancellation message is copied below.

The ISRM meetings programmed for the days before EUROCK2020 have also been cancelled. The Council, Board and Commissions meetings will take place as video-conferences during October. The ISRM National Groups and the Commission chairs have already been informed about this.

The Organizing Committee and the ISRM agreed that the papers presented to EUROCK2020 will be published in the platform, subject to the authors' consent.

The ISRM would like to show its deep appreciation for the work of the Organizing Committee of EUROCK2020 and of the Norwegian Group for Rock Mechanics (the ISRM National Group for Norway), who did everything they could to go ahead with the Organization of EUROCK2020.

We wish all of you good health. Stay safe.

Luís Lamas
Secretary General, ISRM

EUROCK2020 was cancelled

In the last couple of weeks, we have unfortunately experienced an increase in infections both in Norway, and abroad, leading the Norwegian government to impose stricter restrictions on international travel, only allowing travelers coming to Norway from a few European countries. This, in turn, leaves us with no other option than to cancel EUROCK 2020 , as most of our presenters, invited speakers and delegates will not be allowed to enter Norway without a two-week quarantine period.

We have long hoped to avoid this lamentable situation, and it is not with a light heart we have made this decision. Rest assured that we, together with the ISRM, have tried our best to make EUROCK 2020 happen. A physical conference is simply not technically nor economically feasible in the given pandemic situation. We do also find that it is best and safest not to promote international travel for the time being.

We deeply apologize the inconvenience the cancellation will cause for many of our delegates, presenters, invited speakers, partners and colleagues. All participants will get their participation fee back, minus a minor (approx. EUR 35) fee to cover the cost associated with the transfer, this in accordance with the conditions announced during the online registration. Participants paying accommodation through our website will get a full refund of these payments.

We have more than 200 peer-reviewed conference papers ready for publishing, and we do intend to publish the proceedings through, in collaboration with the ISRM. All authors will be contacted shortly by us, asking for their consent to publish their papers.

The EUROCK 2020 Organizing Committee.

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