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No. 32 - December 2015


President's 2016 New Year Address

Dear ISRM friends and colleagues,

2015 is near the end! As the new President of ISRM I would like to share with you some of the news since May 2015 when the ISRM Presidency has passed to myself from Prof. Xia-Ting Feng of China, during the 13th ISRM International Congress in Montreal, Canada. The new term started on that occasion with new Board Members and a desire for continuation of the success of our Society in the years to come.

First of all, we should always emphasize that thanks to the impressive work of our former Presidents, their respective Boards and the involvement and contribution of our ISRM National Groups and their respective members, our Society has expanded now to nearly 8.000 members and to 60 national groups, with the inclusion of Iceland in 2015.

We have had an interesting and successful 2015 Conference year:

  • The 13rd ISRM International Congress on Rock Mechanics was successfully held in Montreal, Canada, from 10-13 May, 2015. It was organized by the Canadian ISRM National Group - CARMA with the participation of 49 of the 59 ISRM National Groups;
  • The ISRM Regional Symposium EUROCK 2015 “Future Development of Rock Mechanics”, held from 7-10 October 2015, in conjunction with the 64th Geomechanics Colloquium in Salzburg, the city where the International Society for Rock Mechanics was founded in 1962;
  • The ISRM Regional Symposium SCRM "VIIIth South American Congress on Rock Mechanics", held from 15-18 November 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was organized by the Argentinian Society of Geotechnical Engineering;
  • We also have had some important Specialized Conferences, such as the “China Shale Gas – CSG 2015”, held from 6-8 September in the city of Wuhan, China, and the 4th International Workshop on Volcanic Rocks and Soils, held from 24-25 September, 2015 on the Isle of Ischia, Italy.

I was able to attend all of these except the second one, and can report that all of these events were most relevant and rewarding, thanks to the strong efforts of both the respective organisers and the participants.

During the 7 months of the new Board tenure some of our main objectives are already being pursued. We have also worked on the implementation of the proposals made by the last Board that were still on-going.

  • To go ahead with our wish to enhance the participation of National Groups: in this respect and together with the Croatian Geotechnical Society we are organizing the ISRM Workshop "Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering - theoretical advances, investigation techniques, design" to take place on 3rd March 2016 in Zagreb, profiting from the fact that the ISRM Board will meet on the previous day there. This Workshop counts with a strong participation of experts from Eastern Europe, which is a region with a strong tradition of rock mechanics research and practice, and with a large potential for cooperation and participation in the ISRM activities.
  • We continue to focus on the increase of corporate members; compared to the total number of members we have only few corporate members, the majority being from Asia and Europe.
  • Our Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) did an impressive job to evaluate the work of our seventeen Technical Commissions giving good suggestions to the Commission Presidents. We are continuing to give much encouragement to the Commissions following our belief that they are the heart of our technical and scientific development. • The new Education Fund Committee has started its work;
  • Our Commission of Young Members Activities is going well and some events are already planned to attract the attention of young members to our Society. The Board encourages activities such as the Rock Bowl and the Students Night, which proved to be very successful to bring together young members;
  • The on-line lectures have been very successful to disseminate technical knowledge among our members catching the attention of many young members. In these last 7 months since the beginning of our tenure three on-line lectures were given by Prof. Jean Sulem, Dr. Nick Barton and Prof. Ove Stephansson. They can be watched on our website. We will continue to encourage those lectures and to invite prominent rock mechanics professionals.
  • Concerning interaction with Sister Societies, we have been participating in the activities of the Board of the Federation of International Geo-Engineering Societies (FedIGS) and exchanging communication with them.

Those are some of our activities in these last 7 months, trying to continue and to foster the ISRM development.

Before I finish I would like to emphasize that without the strong commitment of all of our Vice Presidents and the invaluable support of the Secretariat in Lisbon for which I am extremely grateful, little of that could have been done. It is also necessary to thank the participation and contribution of the National Groups and their members. We really appreciate that.

I wish all a HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL 2016!

Eda F. Quadros
President, ISRM

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2016 ISRM International Symposium, 29-31 August, Cappadocia, Turkey

The 2016 ISRM International Symposium “EUROCK 2016″ will be held between 29 and 31 August 2016 in Cappadocia (Turkey) which is one of the seven sites included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO and also a natural and historical rock engineering laboratory.

The theme of the symposium is “Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering: From the Past to the Future”. The symposium intends to cover all aspects of rock mechanics and rock engineering from theories to engineering practices, emphasizing the future direction of rock engineering technologies. This event will be an excellent opportunity to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences in various areas of the rock mechanics and rock engineering, as well as to visit many historical sites including old and modern rock structures caved in the soft tuffs of Cappadocia. The venue of the symposium, Ürgüp-Nevşehir, is located in the heart of the Cappadocia Region with convenient access to restaurants, hotels, historical sites and national museums. We believe that you will also enjoy participating to post-symposium excursions in the Cappadocia Region and İstanbul.

Keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Giovanni Barla, Prof. Nuh Bilgin, Prof. Şevket Durucan, Prof. Xia-Ting Feng, Prof. Sergio A.B. de Fontoura, Prof. Yossef H. Hatzor, Prof. Doug Stead and Dr. Philippe Vaskou.

Two short courses will take place before the Symposium:

  • "Key points for success in mechanical excavation, from theory to practice", by Prof. Nuh Bilgin;
  • "Empirical methods, Rock Mechanics, and Structural Geological Methods useful for Excavation in Jointed/Fractured Media" by Dr. Nick Barton and Prof. John Cosgrove.

For further information click here to visit the conference website.

Prof. Reşat ULUSAY
EUROCK2016, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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12th ISRM online lecture by Prof. Ove Stephansson is now online

For the 12th ISRM Online Lecture the ISRM invited Professor Ove Stephansson and the title is “Rock Stress and Stress Fields”. The lecture was broadcast on 12 November and remains available in a dedicated webpage .

Ove Stephansson was born in the old mining town of Falun Sweden. Since his retirement in 2002 as Emeritus Professor at The Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm he lives in Berlin. Presently, he's a Visiting Professor at GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam Germany and belongs to the Section for Seismic Hazard and Stress Field. All his academic degrees are from University of Uppsala in Sweden. His PhD was about rock mechanics and theoretical and experimental structural geology and was supervised by Prof. Hans Ramberg.

In 1974 he was appointed professor of rock mechanics at Luleå Technical University and during 16 years taught Rock Mechanics for mining students and developed rock mechanics and its laboratory at the University in Luleå. From 1991 to retirement he taught Engineering Geology to the civil engineers at KTH in Stockholm.

He is the co-author of two textbooks on rock stress and rock stress measurements. The first about measuring rock stress together with Bernard Amadei at University of Colorado Boulder, the second about the stress field of the Earth's crust together with Arno Zang at GFZ. Other areas of expertise are characterization of rock joints, mathematical modelling and geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.

Prof. Stephansson's time with ISRM goes back to 1966 when he attended the 1st ISRM Congress in Lisbon. In 1991-1995 he served as ISRM Vice president for Europe and over the years worked for several ISRM Commissions including the Commissions on Rock Joints, Testing Methods, Design Methodology, Crustal Stress and Earthquakes. He is an ISRM Fellow since 2013.

Previous ISRM Online Lectures were given by Prof. Wulf Schubert, Prof. John Hudson Dr. Pierre Dufaut, Prof. Eduardo Alonso, Dr John Read, Prof. Herbert Einstein, Prof. Shunsuke Sakurai, Prof. Resat Ulusay, Prof. Dick Stacey, Prof. Jean Sulem and Dr. Nick Barton. All the ISRM Online Lectures remain available on the ISRM website in a dedicated webpage.

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ARMS9, Bali, 18-20 October 2016: call for papers

The Indonesia Rock Mechanics Society (IRMS) and the 9th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium (ARMS9) Committee invites you to take part in the upcoming ARMS9, the 2016 ISRM Regional Symposium for Asia with the theme "Harmonizing Rock Mechanics with Sustainable Economic Development". The Symposium will be held 18-20 October 2016 in the beautiful island of Bali, known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.

Abstract submission is open until January 31, 2016.

Topics of interest include Site Investigation, Laboratory Experimentation, Field Experimentation & Observation Monitoring, and Numerical Modelling, in several sectors: Mining, Energy and Infrastructure, with sub-topics as follows, but not limited to:

a. Mining Sector :

  • Rockmass Characterization
  • Ground Stability (Underground & Open pit)
  • Rock Excavation (Drill Blast & Mechanical Excavation)

b. Energy Sector:

  • Geomechanics for petroleum engineering – well design, injection, fracturing, production and depletion of reservoirs, well stimulation
  • Geomechanics in geothermal exploration and production
  • Coupled processes – geomechanics, fluid flow, heat, transport
  • Geophysics and geology in geomechanics
  • Wellbore stability and Ground Stability in Coal Bed Methane and Underground Coal Gasification

c. Infrastructure Sector

  • Underground waste storage/disposal
  • The stability of natural slope
  • Deep and shallow tunnels
  • Dam stability
  • Earthquake ground motions and seismic hazards analysis

Click here to download the ARMS9 flyer .

For more information visit the website: .

ARMS9 Committee

Workshop “Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering – Theoretical advances, investigation techniques and design”, 3 March 2016, Zagreb, Croatia

The International Society for Rock Mechanics and the Croatian Geotechnical Society invite you to participate in the ISRM Workshop “Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering – Theoretical advances, investigation techniques, design” that will take place on 3 March 2016 in Zagreb.

Profiting from the fact that the ISRM Board will meet on the previous day in Zagreb, the Croatian Geotechnical Society extended an invitation to all ISRM Board members to make a presentation in the workshop. Ten other experts from Europe were also invited, and the result was a set of 22 presentations, on a broad range of subjects, which will certainly be of interest to the rock mechanics community.

The workshop counts with a strong participation of experts from Eastern Europe, which is a region with a strong tradition of rock mechanics research and practice, and with a large potential for cooperation between different countries and for an increased participation in the ISRM activities.

We hope that you will find the programme of the workshop of interest. We look forward to meeting you in March 2016 in Zagreb.

For more information on the workshop, click here to visit the website .

Eda Quadros, ISRM President and Ivan Vrkljan, CGS President
Rock Stress 2016, 10–12 May, Tampere, Finland, an ISRM Specialised Conference

The Finnish National Group of ISRM and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL invite you to the 7th International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress to be held during 10–12 May 2016 in the beautiful city of Tampere, Finland. It will be an ISRM-sponsored Specialised Conference.

The Symposium consists of interesting keynote presentations, parallel sessions and technical excursions. The technical excursions will take place on 12 May to the P-Hämppi Central Underground Parking and the Tampere Rantaväylä Tunnel. Post-symposium excursions will be arranged to Olkiluoto nuclear waste repository site (as first in the world!) and Pyhäsalmi mine (one of the oldest and deepest underground mines in Europe).

This symposium encompasses all aspects of rock stresses such as:

  • Rock stress measurements with different methods
  • Interpretation and analysis of results
  • Case studies (nuclear waste disposal, mining, civil engineering)
  • Regional stress fields
  • Seismicity and rock stress
  • New, innovated stress measurement methods
  • Rock structures and rock stress
  • Stress modeling

Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • "Stress measurements in Finnish nuclear waste site", Kimmo Kemppainen, Posiva Oy
  • "Fennoscandian stress field", Ove Stephansson, Steph Rock Consulting AB
  • "Deep mine stresses, mining induced seismicity", Stephen D. McKinnon, Queens University
  • "Development of hydraulic fracturing method", Francois Cornet, emeritus prof.
  • “An integrated approach for the evaluation of measurements and inferences of in-situ stresses”, Ömer Aydan, University of Ryukyus

Early bird registration fees finish on 31 March. Please visit the website for the latest information.

Erik Johansson, Chair of the Organising Committee

RockDyn-2, 18-20 May 2016, Suzhou, China, an ISRM Specialised Conference

Following the success of the First International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-1) in Lausanne Switzerland in June 2013, the Second International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (RocDyn-2) will be held in Suzhou, China, 18-20 May 2016. RocDyn-2 will be organised by the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with 4 other universities around the World. It will be an ISRM-sponsored Specialised Conference.

With extensive research conducted worldwide and increasing engineering projects applying rock dynamics, RocDyn-2 is organised to address scientific research as well as engineering applications.

The Conference is pleased to announce the following invited keynote presentations, with tentative general topics:

  • David BECK: Modelling of deep mining seismicity
  • Derek ELSWORTH: Induced seismicity in EGS
  • Manchao HE: Rock bolts for rock burst failure
  • Thomas KENKMANN: Dynamics of impact craters
  • Haibo LI: Vibration monitoring of nuclear power plant
  • Laura PYRAK-NOLTE: Wave propagation in rock fractures
  • Paul YOUNG: Rock fracture physics and seismicity
  • Jian ZHAO: Rock dynamic testing and 3D Hopkinson bar

RocDyn-2 organisers would like to welcome scientists, engineers and students involving in rock dynamic research and engineering practice to join us in Suzhou, to share our knowledge, to cooperate on researches, to advance rock dynamics and engineering applications.

Please visit the conference website at for more information.

Chair, RocDyn-2 Advisory Committee
LI Haibo
Chair, RocDyn-2 Organising Committee

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Geosafe 2016, 25–27 May, Xi'an, China, an ISRM Specialised Conference

The Geosafe 2016 Symposium will be held in Xi’an, China, 25–27 May 2016. This will be the 1st International Symposium on Reducing Risks in Site Investigation, Modelling and Construction for Rock Engineering. It will be an ISRM-sponsored Specialised Conference.

The Symposium is sponsored by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM), the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The reason for holding the Symposium is to develop methods for improving safety in rock engineering construction—through the three aspects of site investigation, modelling and construction procedures. The emphasis will be on improving our knowledge of these three aspects so that the risks can be reduced. We welcome papers describing developments in all aspects of rock mechanics and rock engineering.

For more information click here to visit the Conference website.

The Geosafe 2016 Organising Committee

2nd ISCSR, 28-30 September, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, an ISRM Specialised Conference

The Colombiam Geotechnical Society - SCG, with the support of the International Society for Rocks Mechanics - ISRM and various academics, guilds and industrial organizations, from local, national and international levels, invite you to participate in the following geotechnical events:

  • XV GEOTECHNIICAL COLOMBIIAN CONGRESS: Advances and Technologies in Geotechnical Engineering for the infrastructure development.
  • SECOND INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED CONFERENCE ON SOFT ROCKS (2nd ISCSR): an ISRM-sponsored Specialised Conference : Understanding and Interpreting the Engineering Behavior of Soft Rocks.

These events will take place in the historical, tourist and pleasant city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 28-30 September 2016.

Click here to download the first announcement. Visit the website for more information: .

The 2nd ISCSR Organizing Committee

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VIII SBMR, 19-22 October 2016, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, an ISRM Specialised Conference

The central theme of this edition of the Brazilian Symposium of Rock Mechanics (VIII SBMR) is “Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering for Innovation and Development”. This event aims to bring together professionals who make use of rock mechanics in any of its applications in engineering and geology. Focus will be given in three main contexts: Mining, Civil and Petroleum, in order to integrate the very latest in theory and practice of rock engineering. The VIII SBMR will be an ISRM-sponsored Specialized Conference.

The event will occur in parallel to the Brazilian Congress of Geotechnical Engineering, the South American Symposium of Young Geotechnical Engineers and the Special Conference on Geotechnical Education. A great exhibition of service providers, consultants and equipment dealers will be integrated with the technical sessions and lectures. Altogether, over 1500 people are expected to join in these venues.

Belo Horizonte is the mining capital of Brazil and participants will have the chance of meeting and interacting with all major Brazilian mining companies.

The main themes of the event are:

  1. Rock Mechanics for Foundations;
  2. Field and Laboratory Investigations in Rock Mechanics;
  3. Stability of Rock Slopes;
  4. Rock Mechanics for Petroleum Engineering;
  5. Numerical Modeling in Rock Mechanics;
  6. Rock Mechanics for Underground Excavation.
Deadline for abstract submission is January 18th, 2016. Join us in Belo Horizonte and share your experience with your peers. For more information go to

Sérgio Fontoura
Chairman of the Organising Committee

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RARE-2016, 16-18 November, Bengaluru, India, an ISRM Specialised Conference

The National Institute of Rock Mechanics is organizing an international conference on rock mechanics, titled “Recent Advances in Rock Engineering”, RARE-2016, as a Specialized Conference of the International Society for Rock Mechanics. The Conference will be for three days during 16th to 18th November, 2016, at Bengaluru (earlier Bangalore), the beautiful and pleasant city in southern India and the IT Capital of India.

The Conference will address the problems and challenges posed in excavation of openings in rock for mining engineering, civil engineering & infrastructure development projects, and will discuss solutions to overcome these problems. Past experiences will be shared, and application of new technologies will be explored.

For more information visit the conference website .

The RARE-2016 Organising Committee

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EUROCK2015 was held in Salzburg, Austria

The EUROCK 2015 conference this year was held in Salzburg, Austria from October 7th to October 10th in conjunction with the traditional Geomechanics Colloquium, organized by the Austrian Society for Geomechanics.

A total of 90 papers were presented orally in eleven sessions (four plenary sessions, seven parallel sessions), while about 100 papers were presented as posters.

The conference attracted more than 1400 participants (including exhibitors) from 50 countries. Fortunately, a proportion of 11% of female participants as well as almost 16% of participants of the younger generation could be observed, indicating the increasing popularity of geotechnical engineering. Seventy companies presented their products and services at the technical exhibition.More than 400 participants attended the seven practical and very informative workshops, the topics ranging from photogrammetric analyses for mapping purposes, the state of the art of rock engineering design practices and their relation to EC7, numerical simulations by Itasca Consultants GmbH and Geomechanica Inc., contractual models, grouting, and developments of resource efficient technologies for underground construction.

The social program included a welcome drink and a classical concert at the historical Salzburg Residence, and a dinner at the Stieglkeller Salzburg. An accompanying persons program and field trips to Koralm base tunnel in Carinthia and to a powerhouse cavern in Vorarlberg completed the program.

Participants of EUROCK 2015 can download the proceedings in PDF format. Engineers interested in one of the contributions of EUROCK 2015 can obtain it from the ISRM online library at (will be available soon).

Photos from the event can be downloaded from: .

Wulf Schubert

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The VIII South American Congress on Rock Mechnics was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The VIII South American Congress on Rock Mechanics (SCRM), held from 15 to 18 November 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina,. was an ISRM Regional Symposium for South America. Previous congresses have been held in Colombia (1982, 2006), Brazil (1986, 1998), Venezuela (1990), Chile (1994) and Peru (2010). After having traveled much of the continent, it was the first time that this congress was held in Argentina.

On this occasion, Buenos Aires-2015 merged three important events for the geo-professionals. In parallel, SAIG, the Argentinean Society of Geotechnical Engineering, organized the 15th Pan American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, the 6th International Symposium on Characteristics of Deformation of Soils and XXII Argentinean Congress of Geotechnical Engineering. The motto of SCRM, Integrating innovations of rock mechanics and rock engineering into the geotechnical world, indicates cooperation links within the geotechnical community.

This synergy brought together international experts, researchers, academics, professionals and geo-engineering companies in a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss current and future practices in the areas of soil mechanics, rock mechanics; and its applications in civil, energy, environmental, and mining engineering.

ISRM President, Dr Eda Quadros opened the Inauguration Ceremony and ISRM VP for South America Prof. Sergio Fontoura addressed the state of NG Groups and the new events in the Closing Ceremony. Prof. M. Dusseault and Dr. Nick Barton were plenary lecturers for the whole audience of the combined event and also offered one day pre-conference courses. There were meetings of the South American Council and Technical Committee of Soft Rock.

Social activities included a Gala Dinner at a Tango Club where delegates could enjoy both, music and food.

Ricardo Rocca

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Workshop on Volcanic Rocks & Soils was held on the island of Ischia, Italy

On behalf of the Italian Geotechnical Society, the International Society for Rock Mechanics and the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering the Workshop on Volcanic Rocks & Soils was held on the island of Ischia, Italy, in September 2015. The event followed three previous ISRM-sponsored Workshops on Volcanic Rocks: Madeira (Portugal) in 2002, Azores (Portugal) in 2007 and Tenerife (Spain) in 2010.

The venue of the Workshop was Regina Isabella Hotel, located in Ischia’s charming seaside village of Lacco Ameno, overlooking the Bay of Naples. The aim of the Workshop, attended by 70 participants from all over the world, was to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in volcanic rocks and soils. The Workshop was divided in five Sessions including geotechnical characterization and geotechnical aspects of natural hazards and engineering structures in volcanic areas.

The Workshop was enhanced by the presence of the ISRM’s President, Eda Freitas de Quadros, who chaired both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Five Keynote Lectures were held by international recognised experts: Vicki Moon, Aurea Perucho, Rolando Orense, Anthony Leung, Quan Jiang. A Special Lecture by Marco Nicotera was dedicated to research experiences on Italian sites. Sessions were chaired by renowned discussion leaders: Luis Gonzales de Vallejo, Eda Freitas de Quadros, Mick Pender, Stefano Aversa, Luciano Picarelli, Carlos Dinis da Gama.

The participants savoured a superb cuisine at the restaurant of the Regina Isabella Hotel during lunches and at the Banquet.

Two Technical Visits followed the Sessions in the next two days. The tours around the Ischia island and the Phlegraean Fields (a large volcanic caldera situated on the land) included several sites of technical, natural and archaeological interest.

One volume of the Proceedings containing keynote papers and the extended abstracts from all the contributed authors was published in paper format; another volume containing full papers was published in electronic format.

Tatiana Rotonda

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ISRM Sponsored Meetings
  • 10-12 May 2016, Tampere, Finland. 7th In-Situ Rock Stress Symposium 2016 - an ISRM Specialised Conference.
  • 18-20 May 2016, Suzhou, China. RocDyn 2 - 2nd International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications - an ISRM Specialised Conference.
  • 25-27 May 2016, Xi'an, China. GEOSAFE: 1st International Symposium on Reducing Risks in Site Investigation, Modelling and Construction for Rock Engineering - an ISRM Specialized Conference.
  • 29-31 August 2016, Cappadocia. Turkey. EUROCK 2016 - an ISRM International Symposium.
  • 18-20 October 2016, Bali, Indonesia. ARMS 2016 – 9th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium - an ISRM Regional Symposium.
  • 16-18 November 2016, Bangalore, India. RARE 2016 – Recent Advances in Rock Engineering - an ISRM Specialised Conference
  • 20-22 June 2017, Ostrava, Czech Republic. EUROCK 2017.
  • 2-6 October 2017, Cape Town, South Africa. First African Rock Engineering Symposium - an ISRM Regional Symposium.
  • October 2018, Singapore. ARMS 2018 - the 10th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium - an ISRM Regional Symposium.
  • 20-27 September 2019. Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. ISRM 14th International Congress on Rock Mechanics.

Click here to view the list of ISRM Sponsored Conferences.

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