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The 11th ISRM Online Lecture will be broadcast on 15 September at 10 a.m. GMT. It will be delivered by Dr. Nick Barton and the title will be TBM performance: from best to not so good, and why.

The lecture will remain online so that those unable to attend at this time will be able to do it later. As usual, the attendees will be able to ask questions to the lecturer by e-mail during the subsequent five days.

Nick Barton was born in England in 1944. He was educated in the University of London from 1963 to 1970: with B.Sc.(hons) in civil engineering from Kings College, and a Ph.D. in rock slope stability from Imperial College. He worked in NGI, Oslo from 1971-1980, and from 1984-2000, when he was a division director for 5 years and Technical Advisor for 10 years. From 1981-1984 he was manager of Geomechanics at TerraTek in Utah, USA. He was a visiting professor in the University of Lule in Sweden, and in So Paulo Polytechnic University in Brazil in the nineteen-nineties. In 2000 he established the international consultancy Nick Barton & Associates in Norway.

He is author and co-author of 290 papers, and has written two books. The first in 2000 was to develop the QTBM prognosis, the other in 2006 was to link rock quality and seismic attributes of rock masses. In 1973 he developed the non-linear shear strength criterion linking joint roughness JRC and joint wall strength JCS, subsequently incorporating the gravity tilt test for calculating JRC. He is co-developer of the Barton-Bandis criterion for modelling coupled rock joint behaviour, published in 1985. In 1974 he developed the Q-system for characterizing rock masses and for selecting single-shell tunnel and cavern support. This was updated in 1993 with Grimstad to incorporate S(fr).

He has consulted on several hundred rock engineering projects in 35 countries during the last 45 years, involving hydropower and metro tunnels and caverns, large dams, nuclear waste research, rock stress measurement, and jointed reservoir behaviour.

He has ten international awards, including the 6th Mller Lecture in 2011. He is an honorary doctor of University of Cordoba, Argentina.

Previous ISRM Online Lectures were given by Prof. Wulf Schubert, Prof. John Hudson Dr. Pierre Dufaut, Prof. Eduardo Alonso. Dr John Read and Prof. Herbert Einstein Prof. Shunsuke Sakurai, Prof. Resat Ulusay, Prof. Dick Stacey and  Prof. Jean Sulem . All the ISRM Online Lectures remain available on the ISRM website in a dedicated webpage ( click to open in a new window ).

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