<![CDATA[ISRM]]>en<![CDATA[Dedication Ceremony for ISRM Past-President John Franklin, Sunday May 4th, in the University of Waterloo]]><![CDATA[Fifth Online Lecture by Dr. John Read on 10 April.]]><![CDATA[First 2014 Newsletter is online]]><![CDATA[Reservoir Geomechanics: a free online course by Mark Zoback from Stanford University]]><![CDATA[Report on the course on “Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics and Design of Rock Engineering”, held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 20-21 Feb 2014]]><![CDATA[New Infomail on Digital Library access]]><![CDATA[Professor Jean-Louis BRIAUD Elected President of the Federation of International Geo-engineering Societies (FedIGS)]]><![CDATA[ISRM Specialized Conference on Soft Rocks, Beijing, 6-7 June 2014. Bulletin N. 3 was released. New deadline for paper submission is 20 March]]><![CDATA[Volume 16 - December 2013 of the ISRM News Journal is online]]><![CDATA[Eurock 2014 - new deadline for early-bird registration is 19 February]]><![CDATA[ISRM Specialized Conference on Applied Empirical Design Methods in Mining - Lima, Peru 9-11 June 2014]]><![CDATA[ISRM Specialized Conference on Soft Rocks, Beijing, 6-7 June 2014: new date for paper submission is 20 February]]><![CDATA[ARMS8: Deadline for submission of Abstracts extended to 24 January 2014]]><![CDATA[Deadline for submission of papers to the Eurock 2014 was extended to 8 January 2014]]><![CDATA[Submission of abstracts to the 13th International ISRM Congress in May 2015, Montreal, Canada, is now open]]><![CDATA[4th ISRM online lecture by Prof. Eduardo Alonso, "Catastophic Landslides. The legacy of Vaiont", 12 Dec. 2013, 10 a.m. GMT]]><![CDATA[Dr. Georges Takla passed away]]><![CDATA[News Release of the ISRM Council Meeting, 22 September 2013]]><![CDATA[3rd ISRM online lecture by Dr Pierre Duffaut, "Rock Mechanics Lessons from Dams", 13 September 2013, 10 a.m. GMT]]><![CDATA[Don Banks passed away]]><![CDATA[VI Brazilian Rock Mechanics Symposium - an ISRM Specialized Conference]]><![CDATA[Vietnam joined the ISRM as the 51st National Group]]><![CDATA[Second bulletin "Call for Papers" of the ISRM 2014 International Symposium - ARMS8, in Japan, was released]]><![CDATA[Second ISRM online lecture by Prof. John Hudson, "Solving the Unsolved Problems in Rock Mechanics and Rock Eng.", 28 May 2013, 10 a.m. GMT]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2014 in Vigo, Spain, 27-29 May 2014: the website was launched]]><![CDATA[ISRM presidential election - nomination documents and video now available online]]><![CDATA[Volume 15 - December 2012 of the ISRM News Journal is now online]]><![CDATA[First ISRM online lecture by Prof. Wulf Schubert, "50 years NATM - from a construction method to a system", 19 Feb. 2013, 10 a.m. GMT]]><![CDATA[ISRM President’s 2013 New Year Address]]><![CDATA[Former ISRM Vice President Dr François Huezé passed away]]><![CDATA[First bulletin of the ISRM 2014 International Symposium - ARMS8, in Japan, was released]]><![CDATA[ISRM Petroleum Geomechanics Commission: mini-symp. on "Comput. Geomech. for Deep Subsurface Injection": deadline for abstracts is 15 December]]><![CDATA[Keynote lectures of the New Delhi 2010 ARMS online]]><![CDATA[Call for Abstracts for the ISRM 2013 International Symposium EUROCK2013, Wroclaw, Poland, 23-26 September 2013]]><![CDATA[ISRM 50th anniversary celebrations to end in Salzburg, at the Geomechanics Colloquy]]><![CDATA[Call for Abstracts for the ISRM SINOROCK2013 Symposium, Shanghai, 18-20 June 2013 ]]><![CDATA[A Tribute to John Franklin, 1940-2012]]><![CDATA[ARMS 7, Seoul, 15-19 October 2012: 2nd Circular and Students´ Night]]><![CDATA[Membership Certificates can now be obtained on the website]]><![CDATA[The ISRM 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book 1962-2012 was launched and is available from the Secretariat]]><![CDATA["Hydrogeology for Rock Engineers" by Gunnar Gustafson published by BeFo with ISRM sponsorship]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2013 awarded to Dr Mathew Pierce from Canada]]><![CDATA[ARMS8 in Sapporo, Japan, selected as the venue of the 2014 ISRM International Symposium]]><![CDATA[News release of the Council meeting of 27 May 2012]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK 2013, Shanghai, 18-20 June, an ISRM Specialised Conference: First Bulletin and Call for Abstracts]]><![CDATA[HF2013 Hydraulic Fracturing - Visit the website with a Call for Abstracts]]><![CDATA[Nick Barton´s Müller Lecture is now online]]><![CDATA[Volume 14 - December 2011 of the ISRM News Journal is now online]]><![CDATA[New Membership Management System]]><![CDATA[New access to the Digital Library]]><![CDATA[Conference report of the 12th ISRM Congress now online]]><![CDATA[2nd Young Scholars Symposium - Read the Conference report]]><![CDATA[Robert Zimmerman´s journal talk at the Beijing Congress]]><![CDATA[6th Rock Stress Symposium to take place in Sendai, Japan, 20-22 August 2013]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2014 to be held in Vigo, Spain, 27-29 May 2014]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2012 in Stockholm - updated information available on the website]]><![CDATA[International Conference for Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing - 20-22 May 2013, Brisbane, Australia]]><![CDATA[The Board of the ISRM for 2011-2015 was elected in Beijing]]><![CDATA[News release of the Council meeting of 17 October 2011]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2012 awarded to Dr Maria Teresa Zandarin from Argentina]]><![CDATA[ISRM Rocha Medal 2013 - nominations to be received by 31 December 2011]]><![CDATA[Volume 13 of the ISRM News Journal is online]]><![CDATA[Election for Regional Vice President 2011-2015: watch the video presentations]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2012 in Stockholm - Abstracts submission date extended to 15 August 2011]]><![CDATA[50th Anniversary Young Members’ Slide Show Competition - submit your presentation by 15 July 2011]]><![CDATA[12th ISRM Congress in Beijing, October 2011 - Deadline for early registration is 31 May]]><![CDATA[Maurice Dusseault´s lectures on Introduction to Petroleum Geomechanics available online for ISRM members]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden - 2nd Bulletin was released ]]><![CDATA[ISRM International Symposium 2010, ARMS 6, New Delhi, India - Read the conference report]]><![CDATA[Workshop on Suggested Methods for Dynamic Testing of Rock - Wuhan, China, 12-13 December 2010]]><![CDATA[Montréal, Canada, to host the 13th ISRM International Congress on Rock Mechanics]]><![CDATA[The ISRM Digital Library was launched during the New Delhi 2011 International Symposium]]><![CDATA[News release of the ISRM Council meeting in New Delhi, 24 October 2010]]><![CDATA[Dr Nick Barton selected as the 2011 Müller Award recipient]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2011 awarded to Dr Dohyun Park]]><![CDATA[VII South American Congress on Rock Mechanics, Lima, Peru, December 2010 - Information update]]><![CDATA[ISRM 2011 Congress, Beijing, China, October 2011 - Calling all authors ]]><![CDATA[ISRM International Symposium 2010, ARMS 6, New Delhi, India - Programme now available]]><![CDATA[5th International Symposium on In-situ Rock Stress - Read the Conference report]]><![CDATA[ISRM Rocha Medal 2012 - nominations to be received by 31 December 2010]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2010 - Read the Conference report]]><![CDATA[3rd Int. Workshop on Rock Mechanics in Volcanic Environments - Read the Conference report]]><![CDATA[Müller Award - 3 nominations received]]><![CDATA[Historical ISRM videos online]]><![CDATA[3rd Int. Workshop on Rock Mechanics in Volcanic Environments - Final Bulletin]]><![CDATA[VII South American Congress on Rock Mechanics - Lima, Peru, 2-4 December 2010: Call for Papers]]><![CDATA[ISRM 2nd technical and cultural field trip in Switzerland]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2010, Lausanne - 2nd Bulletin was released]]><![CDATA[ISRM Board Lecture Tour - South America, February 2010]]><![CDATA[Videos of the keynote lectures of Eurock 2009 are now online for ISRM members]]><![CDATA[ISRM International Symposium 2010, ARMS 6 - New Delhi, India: Deadline for submission of synopses extended to 28 February 2010]]><![CDATA[5th International Symposium on In-situ Rock Stress, Beijing - information update]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2010, Lausanne - information update]]><![CDATA[Stress Field of the Earth´s Crust - new Book by Arno Zang and Ove Stephansson - introduction offer to ISRM members]]><![CDATA[3rd Int. Workshop on Rock Mechanics in Volcanic Environments - an ISRM Specialized Conference]]><![CDATA[6th ISRM Müller Award - Nominations to be received by 16 April 2010]]><![CDATA[RSS feed of the ISRM News]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2009, 29-31 October, Cavtat, Croatia - 2nd bulletin now available]]><![CDATA[ISRM Rocha Medal 2011 - nominations to be received by 31 December ]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2010 - Deadline for submission of Abstracts extended to 15 November 2009]]><![CDATA[Download of the slides of the Rock Dynamics Workshop]]><![CDATA[The 5th Int. Symp. on In-situ Rock Stress - an ISRM Specialized Conference]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK2009 website updated with photos, videos, keynotes, etc.]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2010 awarded to Dr J. Christer Andersson]]><![CDATA[News Release of the ISRM 2009 Council meeting in Hong Kong]]><![CDATA[Prof. Xia-ting Feng from China elected as ISRM President for 2011-2015]]><![CDATA[ISRM 1st technical and cultural field trip to the Florence region]]><![CDATA[ARMS6-2010, New Delhi, India - 1st Bulletin was released]]><![CDATA[Eurock 2010 - Call for papers]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK2009 - Final programme was released]]><![CDATA[An Introduction to the Blue Book - the complete ISRM Suggested Methods 1974-2006]]><![CDATA[Academician Prof. Eugeny I. Shemyakin passes away]]><![CDATA[ISRM presidential election - presentation videos and nomination documents now available online]]><![CDATA[Volume 11 of the ISRM News Journal is now online]]><![CDATA[Eurock 2009 - Deadline for Abstract submissions extended to 15 February]]><![CDATA[Internat. Workshop of the ISRM Commission on Rock Dynamics - Lausanne, 17-19 June]]><![CDATA[Prof. Victor de Mello passes away]]><![CDATA[ISRM 1st annual technical and cultural field trip to the Florence region]]><![CDATA[2008 ISRM Survey - the results are here]]><![CDATA[Erik Eberhardt´s lectures on rock mechanics now online for ISRM members]]><![CDATA[Video of the 2008 ISRM International Symposium in Tehran can be seen here]]><![CDATA[Four nominations received for ISRM President 2011-2015]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK2009 Bulletin with updated information is now available]]><![CDATA[ARMS 6 in New Delhi, selected as the 2010 ISRM International Symposium]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2009 awarded to Dr Li Gang]]><![CDATA[News release of the 2008 Council meeting in Tehran]]><![CDATA[ARMS 2008, Tehran, Iran, 24-26 November - Programme now available]]><![CDATA[News Journal 10 is now online]]><![CDATA[ISRM Newsletter No. 3 was released]]><![CDATA[ISRM Mine Closure Commission report is now available online for ISRM members]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2010 will be held in Lausanne, 23-25 June]]><![CDATA[New home page of the ISRM website]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2009 will be held in Dubrovnic, Croatia, 29 to 31 October 2009]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2010 - Nominations to be received by 31 December 2008]]><![CDATA[The first ISRM survey was a success]]><![CDATA[SHIRMS 2008 approved as an ISRM Regional Symposium]]><![CDATA[The ISRM started an electronic Newsletter - read it or subscribe to it here]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK 2009 - First Announcement and Call for Abstracts]]><![CDATA[Int. Symp. on Conservation of Ancient Sites 2008 - 2nd announcement]]><![CDATA[ARMS5 - dealine for submission of abstracts extended to 29 February 2008]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2009 - deadline for nominations extended to 31 March 2008]]><![CDATA[6th International Symposium on Ground Support - 2nd circular now available]]><![CDATA[New dates for ISRM Regional Symposium NDRM2008 in Sanya, China]]><![CDATA[5th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium in Tehran - Call for Papers]]><![CDATA[1st South American Symp. on Rock Excav. approved as ISRM Regional Symposium]]><![CDATA[Ted Brown´s 2007 Müller Lecture now online]]><![CDATA[Website of the Commission on Testing Methods now online]]><![CDATA[The "Blue Book" with the Complete ISRM Suggested Methods was launched]]><![CDATA[News Release of the 2007 Council meeting]]><![CDATA[ISRM Slide Collection now online]]><![CDATA[News Journal 9.3 now online]]><![CDATA[11th ISRM Congress, Lisbon, 9-13/7/2007: Final Programme now available for download]]><![CDATA[5th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium approved as an ISRM Regional Symposium]]><![CDATA[SINOROCK 2009 approved as ISRM Regional Symposium]]><![CDATA[Election of the new Board 2007-2011: Nominations for Regional VP]]><![CDATA[6th Int. Symp. on Ground Support approved as ISRM Regional Symposium]]><![CDATA[Int. Symp. on Constr. Technique of Subsea Tunnels approved as ISRM Regional Symp.]]><![CDATA[News Release of the 2006 Council meeting]]><![CDATA[Prof. E.T. Brown selected as the 5th Müller Award winner]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2007 awarded to Dr Hideaki Yasuhara from Japan]]><![CDATA[News Journal 9.2 now online]]><![CDATA[Hungary rejoins the ISRM]]><![CDATA[EUROCK 2006 report now available]]><![CDATA[Report of the Intern. Symposium on In-situ Rock Stress now available]]><![CDATA[Summaries and CVs of the Rocha Medal winners now online]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2006 awarded to Dr Daniel Ask from Sweden]]><![CDATA[New Discussion Forum launched: "What´s your problem?"]]><![CDATA[Five nominations for the 2007 Müller Award received at the Secretariat]]><![CDATA[Int. Symp. on In-Situ Rock Stress: latest news and 3rd circular]]><![CDATA[ARMS 2006 Singapore - Deadline for abstract submission extended to 31 Jan 2006]]><![CDATA[2007 Müller Award - Nominations until 8 January 2006]]><![CDATA[Rocha Medal 2007 - Nominations until 31 December 2005]]><![CDATA[Discounted subscription price of the Int. J. of Rock Mech. & Min. Sc. for ISRM Members]]><![CDATA[ISRM Suggestd Methods and Reports now online]]><![CDATA[EUROCK06: new deadline for submission of abstracts]]><![CDATA[Int. Symp. on In-Situ Rock Stress: extended deadline for abstract submission]]><![CDATA[News Journal 9.1 now online]]><![CDATA[EUROCK06 first bulletin now available]]><![CDATA[News Release of the 2005 Council Meeting]]><![CDATA[Prof. John Hudson elected as ISRM President for 2007-2011]]><![CDATA[Beijing, China, to host the 12th ISRM Congress in 2011]]><![CDATA[Launch of the New ISRM Website]]><![CDATA[Don Banks passed away]]>