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Commissions and JTCs

The ISRM Board has appointed several Commissions for the period 2011-2015 in order that they may study some scientific and technical matters of topical interest to the Society. Other proposals are currently being analysed.

For proposing the creation of a Commission, the proposed Commission President shall fill up an application form and send it to the ISRM President, with copy to the Secretariat. To download the application form click here.

Please note that all ISRM Commissions only run for the ISRM Presidential period during which they have been approved, i.e. for the 4-year period between the ISRM Congresses. However, some ISRM Commissions can be extended into a new 4-year period. This form should be completed by the Commission President (proposed or existing) for the purpose of starting or continuing an ISRM Commission.

It is important to note that Commissions can only be approved if it is clear that the Commission is well organised and that there will be a significant product – which is both useful to the ISRM and produced on time. Note that this means that the Commission’s report should be prepared in the year before the 2015 Montreal Congress. It is expected that Commission meetings will be held in association with the ISRM International Symposia: i.e., the EUROCK 2012 to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 2012, the EUROCK 2013 to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, in September 2013, at the venue for 2014 which is not yet established, and of course the 2015 ISRM Congress in Montreal.

In accordance with the ISRM By-law No. 3 "Rules to be followed by Commissions and Joint Commissions", ISRM Members wishing to participate in the work of any of the Commissions shall contact the respective President.

The current list of ISRM Commissions is the following:

The Presidents of the three Sister Societies, IAEG, ISRM and ISSMGE created a number of Joint Technical Committes and approved the JTC Guidelines. These JTCs operate now under the umbrella of the Federation of International Geo-engineering Societies - FedIGS.

The current list of JTCs is the following:

The ISRM and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association - ITA are cooperating in such a way that ISRM may appoint members to selected ITA Working Groups and ITA may appoint members to selected ISRM Commissions. Besides, a Joint Working Group / Commission on "Site Investigation Strategies for Rock Tunnels" is being set up, under the joint chairmanship of Conrad Felice from ITA and Rolf Christiansson from ISRM.