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The ISRM Fellows

The ISRM Council decided at its New Delhi meeting in October 2010, to create the status of Fellow, as the highest and most senior grade of membership of the ISRM. It is conferred on individuals, affiliated with the ISRM, who have achieved outstanding accomplishment in the field of rock mechanics and/or rock engineering and who have contributed to the professional community through the ISRM.

An ISRM Fellowship is a lifetime position. It is intended that the title of ISRM Fellow will carry a clear recognition of his or her achievements. Thus, the induction of ISRM Fellows creates a group of experts that can provide strong support and advice to the ISRM, and can be called upon as appropriate for ISRM activities. 

The appointment of ISRM Fellows is made by the ISRM Board in accordance with the Guideline for the selection of ISRM Fellows, approved by the Board in May 2011.

ISRM Fellows inducted in 2011 in Beijing, China

The first group of Fellows was inducted in Beijing, during the 12th International Congress on Rock Mechanics. 

Ted Brown
Charles Fairhurst
John A. Franklin
Pierre Habib
Marc Panet
Shunsuke Sakurai
Nielen van der Merwe
Walter Wittke 

The booklet that was produced for the occasion, with the CVs and photos of the initial group of Fellows can be downloaded here.

ISRM Fellows inducted in 2013 in Wroklaw, Poland 

A second group of fellows was inducted in Wroklaw, Poland, during the Eurock 2013: 

Giovanni Barla
Herbert Einstein
John Hudson
Milton Kanji
Chung-In Lee
Qian Qihu
Dick Stacey
Ove Stephansson

The booklet that was produced for the occasion, with the CVs and photos of this group of Fellows can be downloaded here.