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The ISRM Board 2011-2015

The Board of the Society in 2011-2015 was composed of:

  • the President
  • six regional Vice Presidents
  • up to three Vice Presidents at Large, at least one of them from Europe
  • for the last two years of the term, the President Elect
  • the Secretary General

    For the term of office 2011-2015 the composition is as follows:


    Prof. Xia-Ting Feng, CHINA
    President ElectDr Eda Freitas de Quadros, BRAZIL
    Vice President for Africa:Mr Jacques Lucas, SOUTH AFRICA
    Vice President for Asia:Dr Yingxin Zhou, SINGAPORE
    Vice President for Australasia:Dr David Beck, AUSTRALIA 
    Vice President for Europe:Prof. Frederic Pellet, FRANCE
    Vice President for North America:Dr John Tinucci, USA
    Vice President for South America:Dr Antonio Samaniego, PERU
    Vice President at Large:Prof. Yuzo Ohnishi, JAPAN
    Vice President at Large: Prof. Ivan Vrkljan, CROATIA
    Vice President at Large:Dr Manoj Verman, INDIA
    Secretary General:Dr Luís Lamas, PORTUGAL

  • The ISRM Board after its first meeting in Beijing, China. Left to right: Frederic Pellet, David Beck, Jacques Lucas, Xia-Ting Feng, Ivan Vrkljan, Yingxin Zhou, Sofia Meess (executive secretary), António Samaniego, Luís Lamas.